1 June 2013

Hair | Tangle Teezer


Okay, so I've wanted to jump on this bandwagon for a while, but every time I go to buy it in Boots I can't justify £10 for a brush, so when I saw it on Fragrance Direct for less than that I figured I would finally cave and get myself a Tangle Teezer.

So, honestly I'm incredibly underwhelmed. I don't really know what I was expecting, but honestly to me it's just like any other brush it goes through my hair, it untangles it and there you go. A brush. I will admit it does tame my frizz better than most brushes, but apart from that I'm really not getting what all the fuss is about with this - sorry!

Please tell me I'm wrong because I would love to have been blown away by this, but honestly I think I expected too much...

What do you think of the Tangle Teezer?


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