12 June 2013

Outfit | A Ditsy Summer

I wore this outfit at the weekend, an incredibly sunny weekend, and up to Capital's Summertime Ball at Wembley. It is THE cutest dress and I fell in love with it when I first saw it. First of all it's blue, secondly it's floral. Then we have the cute crossover back. Well, it was cute until I got burnt and now have weird tan lines.

This dress was a steal at £22 as well - so I was really chuffed with it. It's definitely going to be this summers main dress. As you can see I also decided to give above the knuckle rings a go, if I'm honest I'm not 100% sold. I felt a bit like it was going to constantly fall off my finger - but maybe that's just me. I love the design of this one though!

You may have noticed I've also had a new design done on the blog. I did love the old design done by Gillian, but I just wanted something a bit simpler and cleaner - so I went to the gorgeous Steph who redesigned it for me and I couldn't be happier. She was so easy to work with and it was really quick. I'd love to know what you think though!

What do you think of this dress? Do you like the new blog design?

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