13 June 2019

THE HEALTH DIARIES: Working with a Personal Trainer - FAQS

Today will mark my 6th session with my personal trainer, and it's definitely been an experience. Since telling people I signed up with a PT, I've had a few questions asked - and I also reached out on my socials to see if anyone had any questions and I had a few back. So for today, I thought I'd do a little FAQ post around my experience.

10 June 2019

THE LIFE DIARIES: A New Southsea Hangout

I always feel like I'm finding new gems in Southsea. I live outside of Portsmouth, so don't usually find myself wondering around and exploring - however, when I try somewhere new down there I'm generally in for a good surprise. So when I asked to head down the Scarlet Tap, a new bar in Palmerston Road, to try their menu, I picked up my bag and went exploring. I also took some of the fam with me.


3 June 2019

THE STYLE DIARIES: June Wishlist - ZARA Special

It's been FOR-EVER since I've done a wish list on here, but I've found myself almost obsessively browsing high street stores and adding things to my wish lists lately. So, I thought I would start a new little series on here to show what products I'm coveting that month.

16 May 2019

THE LIFE DIARIES: A Weekend in Port Solent

Port Solent is many things to me. It's where we go for a last minute date night, it's where we go to see the latest film, where we pop for a relaxed lunch in the sun, and generally where my best friend and I go for our annual Christmas Eve lunch. However, not many people realise that amongst all the tasty restaurants and cute shops, there's an afternoon tea gem hiding.

14 May 2019

The Style Diaries | Spring '19 Trends - The Midi Length

I spent half a day swapping over my Winter wardrobe for my Spring items, and I feel like I'm vibing off my wardrobes so much more now. But as I was looking through my current wardrobe, and then did a little (a lot) of online browsing, I found some definite trends that were reoccurring across different high street brands, and my favourite style influencers, so I thought I would pop together a series of posts on my favourite trends, how I'd style them and where you can find the best pieces (in my opinion).
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