The Dupe | Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush v Max Factor Creme Puff Blush

/ 9 October 2015

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These blushes are both probably two of the most hyped up of the past twelve months, and it's quite easy to see how and why this has happened. It's also easy to see visually how similar they really look on first impressions. Literally, if you took them out of the packaging you probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference. I also absolutely LOVE both products. 

How To | Engagement Shoot Make Up

/ 3 October 2015

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When I first booked my photographer and was told we got a complimentary engagement shoot I was really quite excited. It wasn't until the actual day that I thought ah - on the wedding day I get someone professional to make me up, but no, not today. Today I do it myself. So, I had to think of a fair few things before I put my face on.

The Favourites | Bath Time Buddies

/ 30 September 2015

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I really have been enjoying baths lately. Since I've moved into my own home I try to have one once a week as I find it's really relaxing, and just really rejuvinating. Sunday nights are always a good time, just before Monday madness. It wasn't until recently that I noticed I actually use different products for bath time than shower time, and my bath time products have been constant for a long while now.

The Life | Round Up #1

/ 28 September 2015

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I know I know, I made this blog a beauty only zone a few weeks ago - and it still is. However, I've missed sharing bits of my life with you... So I thought I'd go back to sharing a bit of a round up Monday mornings of my life the previous week...

The Haul | Lush Bathbombs

/ 26 September 2015

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I do love a Lush bath. I do find them really relaxing and I really do look forward to them. Pop a bath bomb in, a little bit of bubbles and stick Netflix on my laptop. Then soak. What more could you want? I realised as I went to have a bath the other day I had run out of bombs, shock horror, which of course meant I had to go and pick up some new ones...
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