The How To | Five Product Face (Revisited)

/ 26 August 2015

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I was looking through old posts the other day and came across one that was a five product face. The idea now is truly petrifying so I definitely wanted to give this another whirl. This is perfect for those days where I'm working from home, or in a rush - I still manage to get the basics done.

The Review | Caudalie Beauty Elixir

/ 25 August 2015

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I know, I am so behind the curve on this product. Like four years behind? Probably, something like that. Even now, I'm only on the travel sized version. But the point is, I finally crumbled at a SpaceNK counter and added it to my bag, which means I finally got to find out if it's worth all the hype.

The Favourites | Budget Nude Lipsticks

/ 24 August 2015

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I go through phases with lip shades, I do love a good bright lip, but sometimes a nude lipstick is the only accessory you need. At the moment as much as I love a good bright, I've been reaching for a nude every day and I love it.

The Review | Bourjois Aqua Blush

/ 20 August 2015

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I'm really into blushes at the moment, I'm not sure HOW it suddenly happened. One minute I really wasn't bothered, and then suddenly BAM - give me all the blushes in the world. Oh yeah, hello blushes. For me summer blushes are all about creams, so when Bourjois bought out these little beauties I was right there.

The Haul | French Pharmacie Finds

/ 19 August 2015

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Have I mentioned that I went on holiday? I have, opps, sorry! Well I went to France and found a little pharmacie - I got very excited and decided to go in and have a little look and spend some of my hard earned pennies (in this case... euro's). I dragged Adam in with me, he didn't quite appreciate it as much as me. Men... I thought I would show you guys what I picked up!

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