15 July 2019

THE HOLIDAY DIARIES: French Riviera 2019 - What I Wore

It's always depressing coming back from a lovely holiday, and being faced with reality. All those things you put on your to do list when you're back and suddenly you have to do them. So much fun. Something I did want to do while I was away was film a what I wore holiday edition, but to be honest - I didn't want to when I got out there. So I thought instead it'd be fun to do a round up of my outfits on here.


26 June 2019

THE LOCAL DIARIES: Kayaking in Summer

I feel like I'm posting a lot lately around things to do and lifestyle, but it's what I've loved exploring and writing about lately so hope you don't mind! From next week I'll have some holiday themed pieces coming your way, but for today I wanted to share how you can get a little bit of holiday here, on the south coast.

20 June 2019

THE BRUNCH DIARIES: Josie's in Bishop's Waltham

I've been debating about reviewing Josie's in my little brunch diaries series. Mainly because it's already popular, and I don't want other people to know about it because I always want a seat. It is my favourite brunch place, mainly for the pancakes. It's usually our stop on the way to a day at Marwell Zoo and it's amazing.

17 June 2019

THE LIFE DIARIES | Marwell Zoo's Brick-o-Saurs Event

Anyone who knows me, knows I love the zoo. I always have, and whenever we go anywhere new, chances are I'm going to drag that person to the zoo with me. Adam even took me to the zoo in London on the day he proposed. We actually live near a great zoo, and we usually go every year on my birthday and that's our annual visit. However, my in-laws very kindly got us an annual pass, so we've been visiting a lot more - and were incredibly excited when Marwell Zoo also launched their brick-o-saurs event.

13 June 2019

THE HEALTH DIARIES: Working with a Personal Trainer - FAQS

Today will mark my 6th session with my personal trainer, and it's definitely been an experience. Since telling people I signed up with a PT, I've had a few questions asked - and I also reached out on my socials to see if anyone had any questions and I had a few back. So for today, I thought I'd do a little FAQ post around my experience.
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