7 January 2020

2020 Reading Challenge - My Friend Anna by Rachel DeLoache Williams

I've decided I don't like resolutions for a new year, I much prefer the term goals. Might just be me being super picky, but I always associate resolutions with promises you make to yourself that (9/10) never actually happen. Whereas goals you can set up as targets, with deadlines and actions. They're trackable. And one of my goals for 2020 was to read 10 new books...

14 October 2019

The Wallpaper Diaries: Week 4 - Autumn

It is officially Autumn. The wardrobe has been swapped over, the heating is almost on, and the ankle boots are out in full force. This is 100% my favourite time of the year, so not only did I have to do some wallpapers to celebrate, I also had to do a whole week around autumn content! So let's pop a small pin in Florida for this week, and keep an eye across my Youtube and blog for autumn themed posts. 

11 October 2019


Disney park number two, say hello to Hollywood Studios. Or MGM Studios as it used to be known when I came with my family 15 years ago. This was the park I thought would be Adam's favourite, and from memory was the most like a Universal park. However, it turned out to be our least favourite out of the three. Not because it sucks - because it doesn't, it's still amazing. It just wasn't our favourite.

9 October 2019


Theme parks and Disney ears aren't everything Orlando has to offer, there's also an aquatic world that's waiting to be discovered and waiting to give you incredible memories and experiences that will last you a lifetime. Say hello to Discovery Cove.

7 October 2019

The Wallpaper Diaries: Week 3 - Girl Boss Quotes

Week three of wallpapers! For this collection, I wanted to celebrate the return of The Apprentice, by putting together a load of phone wallpapers that encompass some great "Girl Boss" quotes. 
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