The Video Post | July Beauty & Non-Beauty Favourites

/ 30 July 2015

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A lot of what I've been loving in July beauty-wise is the same as what I was loving back in June, there's not much new pieces to really talk about. So I decided to try something I haven't done just yet and put some non-beauty favourites in there as well.

The Wedding Post | What Type of Venue is for You?

/ 29 July 2015

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There are so many different types of venues you can get married in now, it's a bit overwhelming to say the least when you start looking. What type of venue is more suited to you, what are the types, what permissions do you need... The list goes on. However, I've popped together a little summary of the types of venues I've found and also who I think it'll suit the most.

The Beauty Post | Summer Habits

/ 28 July 2015

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Whether it's summer or winter, I have a few products I make sure I use in each season. Why? Because different products are suited to different climates, and not only that, but your skin changes with the seasons as well. Leaves may go greener in summer, but my skin definitely gets oilier, which means I can't use some products I use in the colder months.

The Video Post | Beauty Holiday Haul

/ 27 July 2015

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I'm off on holiday in a couple of weeks so I had to pop out and get some essentials before I go, you know, important things like lipstick... 

The Beauty Post | L'Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation

/ 24 July 2015

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Finding the perfect base is always difficult, especially one from the cheaper end of the scale. Harder than that is finding the perfect colour match - but that's a tale for another day. Finding a base that ticks all your boxes is a great day, and this particular foundation seems to be having a major moment right now, but does it tick those boxes?
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