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22 April 2014

The Review | Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer


I've had this concealer in my collection for a little while and just not really been that bothered about sharing it with you guys until now. It was nice but for me it just wasn't worth shouting about. However, I've found that as it's getting warmer my usual concealer for under eyes (Soap & Glory Kiss Ass Concealer) is getting a bit too thick and it's just not staying put lately so I've been turning to this little product more and more, and honestly, I'm loving it.

Traditionally it's an under eye concealer - and it does a fab job at that. With the spongy tip it's so easy to use and apply to the contour of your under eye and really soft as well. It gives good coverage and looks natural. it's a very light concealer in terms of formula so I've found longevity isn't fantastic but it's definitely better than my Kiss Ass in the warmer months. 

If I'm honest I think this concealer really comes into it's own when used on blemishes. It's  case of popped the sponge on a blemish, roll for a second and it's vanished - in terms of make up anyway. It's a very yellow based toned concealer so it is better for blemishes than under my eyes I have found, but it still does a good job of hiding those dark circles - something I'm going to need when commuting to London every day soon!

What's your perfect under eye concealer for the summer?

21 April 2014

The Top 5 | Spring Nail Colours

I'm incredibly cliched when it comes to spring nail colours - give me pastles any day! I picked out my top five spring colours and as you can see... they are all lovely pastle light colours. Spring is all about pastles for me. Autumn and Winter my nails are usually donned with dark, moody tones - deep greens, navy blues (actually any blues) and blood reds. Spring hits and bam! Out come the pastle and floral tones. This is just a quick sneak peak into some of my favourite Spring colours - some obvious ones (you'll know what I mean) and some newbies...

L - R
Essie Mint Candy Apple: Models Own Banana Split: Barry M Peach Melba: Essie Bikini So Teeny: Essie Tart Deco
What are your Spring colours?

20 April 2014

The Haul | Yankee Candles

So, the other week I went a little bit candle crazy. Up until Christmas candles didn't really bother me. I liked the idea of them, and some of the holders are oh so pretty, but I wasn't too bothered. Since Christmas I thought I'd give them a go, I got a new holder so I definitely needed to utilise it! Last week my local Yankee Candle shop had a bit of an event... On the Friday and Saturday, if you bought £25 worth of product you got a free medium jar. So - I may have over indulged... I took two trips, one on the Friday, one on the Saturday. Whoops! So what did I get...

The first thing I picked up with Pink Dragon Fruit Small Jar, a very sweet, fruity floral scent. It's full bodied and so incredibly yummy. Next, I nabbed another small jar, this time Sicilian Lemon. Very sherberty and lemony - it's very citrus smelling. Before I went off my lovely Mum (see blog here) pointed out these adorable voltive holders. I ended up with three, pink and green for my room and a blue one (not pictured) for my bathroom. The lady recommended using tea lights in these to show off more of the pattern so I grabbed of box of Clean Cotton. A very fresh scent that really does smell like it's name. With all of this I chose my free medium jar, Beach Walk. Oh my gosh this is lovely. It's so incredibly fresh. It doesn't smell like a beach to me (no salty scent) but it does remind me of a summers walk. I love it.

The next day I went back - with the intention of getting a birthday present for my lovely sister (well, brothers girlfriend). I picked her up Sweet Apple, part of their new fruity collection, and grabbed myself one as well -both small jars. This really does smell like fresh apples. Yum yum. From the same collection I picked up Orange Splash - again, very much like it's name, very citrussy and very orangey. I also picked up a new voltive to pop in my lovely glass holder in Fresh Cut Roses. Very floral and very rose like. Neither is pictured here. For my free medium jar I picked up Mango Peach Salsa - oh my gosh is this fruity. It smells ridiculously like mangoes, I can't detect the peach in it, but the mango is powerful and fruity fresh.

I'm not going to lie - I feel like I've been struck by the crazy candle lady (hi Mum!). They are dotted around my room like a little shrine, whoops! I don't think I'm going to need to buy anymore for a very long time... Who am I kidding?! Of course I'll pop back soon to pick up more fruity fragrances! My personal favourite? Vanilla Lime... I also came up with, what I think, is a great idea for when I've finished with the jars... Clean them out and reuse - the Medium ones as coffee/tea/sugar holders, the smaller ones for sweet jars. I can't wait to use them up!

What's your favourite Yankee flavour/scent?

15 April 2014

The Face | In Interview Series

So I have some really incredible, exciting news to share with you all! You may or may not know, but basically for about a year now I've been looking to get back into marketing and have been going to a load of interviews etc for a while now. All that work has finally paid off as I've been offered a job as a Marketing Assistant for a company in London!! It's always been my dream to work in London so I am thrilled. As part of this celebration I wanted to do a little series on interviews etc so I thought I'd start with an "interview face". 

Now, I know it's different for all companies etc but a lot of what I was looking at was office work so I needed to show my most professional self whilst still looking like me. The above was my face. I started with a very simple and dewy base. Under eye concealer was absolutely key and long lasting make up. I put a natural blush to give a subtle flush. I'm not anything without my liner, so I put my usual liner on but made sure it wasn't too winged or thick. Keeping it simple was key. The lips I popped a little colour on, but a nice natural colour with a little personality. 

The key for me was to make myself look like me, but longer lasting and more professional. Everything was simple and neutral. I know some more creative jobs will be a bit different but for jobs like mine, this was definitely the best way to go.

Tomorrow I'll be looking at outfits for your interview, then I'll move onto night before preparation! Hope you enjoy the series!

What would be your interview face?