30 June 2012

London Baby!

  After seeing so many peoples holiday snaps on their blogs, I decided I'd pop up my London snaps as technically - this is the only summer holiday I'm having this year!

I popped to London for two days with some of my best girlfriends and we had an amazing time :) here is just some of what we got up to!

On the steps in the Natural History Museum
L to R: Amber, Becca, Andra, Me

Playing with mirrors in the Natural History Museum

Accessorize payphone in Covent Garden (FYI my new favourite place ever)
Andra and I snuggling up to Robbie Williams at Maddame Tussards

Me and my future husband (one of many) Nadal
Andra and I with the Twilight boys!

Posing near the dinos in Natural History Museum
M&M World in Leicester Square

Cocktails in the Ice Bar
Peek a Boo in the Ice Bar

All in all we had an amazing time. We travelled up on Sunday morning by coach, then got lost trying to find our hotel and laughed at by the taxi man (opps!). After checking in we headed to the Natural History Museum which was actually incredible. Am definitely taking the boy one day as I know he'll love it. Was fascinating! 
After this we decided to check out the Ice Bar down Regents Street - again would definitely recommend this to EVERYONE. It's £14 for a 40 minute session and a cocktail. The entire bar is made of ices, glasses as well. It wasn't as cold as I expected but I have to tell you, I loved every minute in there, well worth the money.
We then headed to Covent Garden for dinner - now I've never been there before (shame on me!) and I fell in love. After a lovely dinner at Bella Italia and a lovely bottle of wine we headed to a pub and had more vino! We ended up in a lift with a man dressed as a payphone (where else in the world!) and trying to navigate the underground drunk - fun fun fun!
Monday was slightly calmer! After being told someone had reported my car as abandoned and getting teary,  I told myself to forget about it for the day and we headed to Madame Tussards. Again, never been before and again, loved every second. Was completely surreal!
We then decided to hit Oxford Street and do some shopping where I got myself a little Topshop outfit and some work stuff in H&M. Then headed to Leicester Square to check out M&M world where I bought the boy crispy M&M's which were GB coloured.

Then we went back to Victoria Station (Sad face) where we did a little bit more shopping (opps) last glass of wine and headed home on the coach.

Fantastic girly weekend, wouldn't have changed it for the world and wasn't too pleased to be back in the real world! Slept like a log Monday night though - exhausted after my 2am chat with Andra in our hotel room on the Sunday night!

Again soon please girls?


29 June 2012

Spa Magik Mud Mask

As well as being sent the amazing Spa Find Dermal Extract (see here) and many other samples to try out I was sent this little beauty - Spa Magik Mud Mask.
This mask contains mud from the Dead Sea to remove deep seated impurities and replace essential minerals in the skin. You apply it onto face and neck and leave for 1 - 5 minutes and then remove. I used a muslin cloth for this.

I found it quite hard to apply as it started to dry almost instantly on my skin, however once it was on it felt comfortable - unlike a lot of other masks that makes me feel like I can't smile while it's on. The black of the mask did scare me a little at first, but hey ho! All in the name of beauty and reviewing!

I'd read a couple of other reviews on this and found that most people removed the mask a couple of minutes in, so after around 3 minutes I took it off (poor poor muslin cloth has never looked so black!). My skin felt dried out after taking it off - which is probably a good thing thanks to my oily skin! After about 10 minutes my skin started to feel soft and look rejuvenated. Also, as my skin has decided to rebel against me at the moment, I was happy to see all redness has reduced dramatically and my skin just looked so much healthier. When the mask is on you can see your pores so clearly and they really opened them up - so I think using a muslin cloth was the best thing I could have used to removed it as it also took all impurities out of it as well.

You can buy this product here and get 75ml for £7.70 and I would definitely recommend this product. Look past the scary black face above and take the plunge!

What face masks would you recommend?


28 June 2012

Purple Magic


jacket republic (old)
top (actually a dress) h&M
skirt new look
scarf can't remember
shoes new look
necklace lola rose
beaded bracelet lola rose
bangle home-made

I've been looking for the perfect maxi skirt for aaages. I'm not sold on those that have a shorter skirt visible underneath and I'm quite short so they all seem ridiculously long on me. However, I went into New Look this week and fell a little but in love with this one. It's a teeny bit see-through, so I wore a tshirt dress from H&M underneath to help with it, and I just love the colour. It's completely different to what I usually go for (blue) so I was pleased with my purchase! I have become a lot more adventurous when it's come to my recent purchases!

I wore this little beauty of an outfit to the Harry Potter, Warner Bros Studio tour the other day - was AMAZING! Would definitely recommend it to any Harry Potter fan! Was quite cool going through the tour and then watching a film and thinking "O I've seen that, o I know how that's done now!"
Have popped a couple pics below for you to enjoy :)

At Hogwarts front gate
At Privet Drive

Meeting Dobby!

O hi Diagon Alley


Have you tried maxi skirts yet? Also, have you been to the Harry Potter Tour? What did you think?


25 June 2012

Arthur's Antics #3 : Puppy Love

This weekend Arthur had a big day. It was the day he finally met his one true love, Daisy.
Daisy is a very beautiful Cockapoo lady owned by my equally beautiful friend Andra and is the doggy that made us want a Cockapoo... 
I documented the event and have popped all the piccies below :)

Wanting to meet.... Waiting for the day they could finally be together...

They ran together, they played together

They sniffed around together and gazed lovingly at each other

There were kisses, and sharing of the water bowl

Sitting together, posing together

Most kisses and Arthur gazing lovingly at his love...

All in all - it's puppy love!

24 June 2012

Real Techniques Core Collection

Real Techniques Core Collection £21.99 (from Boots)

I desperately needed some make up brushes. I've been using a sponge for my foundation and a very old blusher brush for bronze and blush, and I heard such great things about these I thought I'd give them a go.
I bought the Core Collection from Boots as I think it covers all areas of make up where I need brushes.

In this collection you get a contour brush, foundation brush, detailer and buffering brush (L to R in photo). So I used these this morning for the first time and I have to say I've fallen a little bit in love with them. 
Why I love them on a superficial basis....
1) I love the orange/gold on the brush, I think it's very attractive and even the lady at the counter went "o wow I like these" and stared at them for a while...
2) they are so SOFT, like stroke across your face like a pussy cat soft (not that I do that to my cats...)
3) It comes with it's own black case you can store them in which also acts as a stand - very handy! So onto the not so superficial reasons and each brush...

Detailer Brush
I used this to apply concealer and make up to any naughty spots, blemishes and dark circles under the eyes. It was really easy to use and apply to these areas, especially under the eyes to disguise dark circles. Was really pleased with this one. You can also use it to apply lip stick and lip colour as well if needed which makes it rather handy!

Foundation Brush
This is the first time I've used a brush to apply my foundation and I have to say I'm never going back to a sponge. At first I found it a slight adjustment and was a bit worried I was missing areas, however it just applied so easily and gave really great coverage. One thing I always found about using the sponge was it could sometimes look like I was wearing too much foundation, however the blush blends it in so well, I'm really pleased with it. It also gets into those little nooks around your nose etc which the sponge never did.

Buffering Brush
I used this brush to apply my bronzer all over my face. Again, much preferred to my old brush which had pretty much no shape to it at all. I found this went on so easily and gave much better coverage then I've ever really had before. The flat top of the brush helps with this I believe.

Contour Brush
I know you're meant to use this to contour and highlight, however I used it for my blusher and it worked really well with it, giving a natural blush rather then a painted on look and even coverage.

All in all, I'd say I'm really pleased with the brushes and will definitely be buying more of the collection as and when I need it. I think it's quite a good price for four key brushes, which I'll be using every day so I'm more then happy to pay this and they are good quality as well, so no qualms there!

Have you tried Real Techniques? Thoughts and advice please!


23 June 2012

Benefit PoreFessional

Benefit Porefessional Sample Size*

I have been wanting to try this baby out since it launched but have been trying to justify the £23.50 it costs without trying it out first. So when I heard Glamour were giving away samples of porefessional I literally ran to my Boots hoping there was still a copy left with this inside and I got lucky. I was just praying it didn't disappoint.

I have used primer before and this is completely different. This is more of a balm with a really matte consistency and goes on really easily. What I love about this consistency is, unlike other primers I have tried, this doesn't make my skin oily so this made a happy Lisa. My skin is naturally oily so I'm always looking for anything that can either help, or at least not make it worse.
As a primer it works really well, it helps hold my make up in place a lot longer compared to not wearing any and it does give my skin a glow. I went out without foundation the other day (I somehow forgot it) and if I'm honest I didn't even notice I wasn't wearing foundation and neither did anyone else. Impressed indeed.

What I will say, is it says it minimises the appearance of pores - I'm going to debate this. I haven't noticed any difference in the appearance of my pores, they haven't changed at all. What you have to remember with skin care and make up though is that it is subjective to your type of skin so what may not work for me might still be good for you, and vice versa. 

I am using this on a daily basis, however I am still undecided whether I can justify buying this as a primer when there are cheaper ones out there which might work just as well. If you have the money though, definitely go for it.

Have you tried this yet? What drugstore primers would you recommend?

P.S. Check out my guest post on the lovely Steph's blog while she is off on her hols here


22 June 2012

Blue Silk and Yellow Pumps



blue top topshop
black vest sainsburys
leggins river island
necklace new look
shoes new look

Now, you have probably guessed that I'm a bit of a blue lover. Most of my outfits you'll find I'm wearing either blue or cream of some sort, I can't help it. I'm a blue girl! This post, no exception I'm afraid with one exception - my lovely new, cheap but gorgeous yellow pumps. I've been toying with the idea of getting a yellow piece of clothing for a while, and I've dabbled by having yellow flowers on top but these shoes just called to me. 
Granted I bought them because the heels I'd walked to work in were killing me and I needed a cheap alternative, but have to say one of best impulse buys. Aren't they CUTE! and for only £7.99 I think they are a bargain. I contrasted them with this cobalt blue top (yummy silk top) I got from Topshop last year, I have it in green as well
Done something a little different with my hair here as well - I curled it, which I don't usually do for everyday but I thought why not, live a little Lisa! What do you think? I'm quite pleased with it!

Anywho, I warn you that there will be lots of posts with new purchases soon, I got paid and went a little bit mad as I got my tax back from last months which was a good couple hundred. Opps. So be prepared!

Have you tried anything yellow yet? What payday treats are you getting yourselves?


21 June 2012

Face of the Day #3

It's been a while since I've done a face of the day, and my make up routine has changed a lot since the last one so I thought it was about time I showed you what make up I use on a daily basis

benefit porefessional
rimmel wake me up foundation in soft beige
bourjois bronzing powder
no7 natural blush in soft damson
topshop kohl pencil in kohl
clinique high lengths mascara
l'oreal caresse lipstick in lovely rose

It has literally just occurred to me writing this that all of these products I have started using since blogging - which confirms all my suspicions that blogging is bad for my bank balance!
I love this face, especially the lips as they are a bit different for me but it's still a subtle make up look which I like to go for in everyday use.

You can see all reviews for these products by clicking on the links :) 


Book Club: 50 Shades of Grey

A little something different for me .. Am going to start doing a little "Book Club" section with books I've been reading and just give my little view. If you'd like me to do a particular book just let me know. Hope you enjoy!

Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James

Okay, so everyone has probably heard about this book now and everybody probably knows its main theme: sex. Now, I know there have probably been a ridiculous amount of reviews on this book; however I really wanted to give my view on this as I have mixed feelings about this book and I want to share them so I might decide how I really feel about it.

So, this book is written in the first person from the point of view of Anastasia Steele who meets rich businessman Christian Grey who has a dark secret.
Within the first few pages I was hooked and desperately wanted to know his secret. As a lover of the Twilight & True Blood books I was quite excited to learn whether he was a vampire or something like that. But no, he is a sexual dominator who has a red room of pain.
Now, this doesn't bother me. If you've ever read True Blood you will know that sex plays a big part in a lot of those books. However, I have found it really hard to read this just because everything is sex. Helicopter ride leads to sex, graduation leads to sex, even dinner with his parents leads to sex in the boat house... 
Don't get me wrong - I'm not a prude, but when the story is completely dominated by sex it's hard to really get into it. Every time I really start to get into the story it then gets sidetracked with sex and to be honest I end up frustrated - not sexually frustrated, but frustrated because I really want to get into the story.
This is probably the longest it has EVER taken me to read a book. Which is saying something as anyone who knows me will tell you I read like lightening, especially when I love the book (the first Hunger Games book took me 4 hours). This book has literally taken me three weeks, plus. 

I am going to be incredibly hypocritical here and say I do want to read the other two books. This is the first in a trilogy of books and I am very intrigued to see how E L James has made this into a trilogy. May take me another couple months if the other two are anything like the first.

Now I need to give it its dues as I'm making it sound awful, and it isn't. It's written really well and the characters are relatable in aspects. I love Kate, the room mate, she's so protective and straight talking and I'd love a friend like her, she reminds me a lot of one of my girl friends actually. So I promise it is not all bad. I would definitely recommend giving it ago, just because it's not entirely my cup of tea doesn't mean you won't enjoy it.

Have you read 50 Shades of Grey? What did you think?


20 June 2012

Spa Find Dermal Extract

The lovely people over at Spa Find and Dead Sea Spa Magik sent me over a load of goodies to help me with my acne, this is one of them.
It's an intensive anti acne treatment which helps reduce inflammation and sebum production, leaving skin free of imperfections and leaving it clear and soft. It's to be used for one week every month and you get three 6ml vials in a box which costs £29.50. You can also use it for three weeks in a row for an intensive treatment, just make sure you use an entire vial in one week.
So, every morning and night I have been massaging this liquid into problem areas for a week now and I have noticed quite a big difference in my skin. This is actually a little miracle product, and if I'm honest it outperforms Origins Super Spot Remover for me (see review here). The smell isn't the most pleasant smell I have ever put on my face, but the thing works so who am I to argue with scent!

With regards to price, yet it seems like a lot. However, if you think you get three months worth for £29.50, that's around a tenner a month to use on acne products which I don't think is actually that bad. Can you tell I'm justifying this to myself as well as you?! I will be continuing to use this product every month until I run out, and then I will almost certainly be myself myself a new box.
I'm very grateful that I have been introduced to this new line of natural products, it really works and I'm loving trying them all out so keep an eye out for more reviews on products from these brands!

Have you tried Spa Find yet? What do you use for your acne issues?


19 June 2012

L'Oreal Caresse Lipstick & Giveaway

L'Oreal Caresse Lipstick

As seen here I'm a big fan of Revlon's Lip Butters, so when I heard L'oreal had a similiar version, the Caresse, I was dying to give it a go. Plus, in Superdrug they were 3 for 2 so how could I say no?
I picked up 3, in tempting lilac, nude ingenue and lovely rose. I wanted three that were different from each other and from what I usually use. I have to say I love the pigmentation, they aren't overwhelming like a lip stick, more like a lip balm or a gloss, yet you still get that hint of gorgeous colour.
I love the feel of this product. Putting it on my lips is amazing, it's easy to apply, good coverage and it just feels so moisturized as well. It's so balmy going on and I just love the feel of it, more so then the Revlon Lip Butters (I'm sorry!).
The only thing I would say about this product is that the colour doesn't last very long, probably an hour tops and that is without drinking or eating anything so it'll require lots of applications throughout the day, which means it'll run out quickly.
So what do I think of the three I bought?
Tempting Lilac
This has a definite lilac tone to it, but is very subtle which I love as I'm not a loud lip person. It is similar to lovely rose, but in the flesh you can definitely tell the difference due to the lilac in the colour.
Nude Ingenue
This is definitely nude. You can hardly tell it is on when it is, which I quite like actually as it still gives your lips a shimmer with a light tone of bronze.
Lovely Rose
A pale pink that is very in right now, but a more subtle version. It's a gorgeous colour and is definitely one of those suitable for night time as well as daytime. 

This product is £7.99 and available in Boots and Superdrug. I would definitely still pick this up again and probably in some more colours when I get the chance. I really do rate the product and would certainly recommend it.

Because I love this product so much, and I have recently hit 100 GFC followers (THANK YOU) I have decided that one lucky winner will win THREE of these lovely lipsticks of your choice. You can choose your shade here http://www.loreal-paris.co.uk/needs/makeup/lips-lipstick.aspx
Unfortunately it's for UK entry only (sorry international readers), just enter using the rafflecopter - ends 30th June and winner will be announced 1st July. Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Only UK entries
Ends 30th June, midnight.
Will email the winner, if no response within 24 hours prize will go to someone else.
Must be GFC follower to enter and please comment below with chosen shades.

Good Luck!

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