29 June 2012

Spa Magik Mud Mask

As well as being sent the amazing Spa Find Dermal Extract (see here) and many other samples to try out I was sent this little beauty - Spa Magik Mud Mask.
This mask contains mud from the Dead Sea to remove deep seated impurities and replace essential minerals in the skin. You apply it onto face and neck and leave for 1 - 5 minutes and then remove. I used a muslin cloth for this.

I found it quite hard to apply as it started to dry almost instantly on my skin, however once it was on it felt comfortable - unlike a lot of other masks that makes me feel like I can't smile while it's on. The black of the mask did scare me a little at first, but hey ho! All in the name of beauty and reviewing!

I'd read a couple of other reviews on this and found that most people removed the mask a couple of minutes in, so after around 3 minutes I took it off (poor poor muslin cloth has never looked so black!). My skin felt dried out after taking it off - which is probably a good thing thanks to my oily skin! After about 10 minutes my skin started to feel soft and look rejuvenated. Also, as my skin has decided to rebel against me at the moment, I was happy to see all redness has reduced dramatically and my skin just looked so much healthier. When the mask is on you can see your pores so clearly and they really opened them up - so I think using a muslin cloth was the best thing I could have used to removed it as it also took all impurities out of it as well.

You can buy this product here and get 75ml for £7.70 and I would definitely recommend this product. Look past the scary black face above and take the plunge!

What face masks would you recommend?


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