11 June 2012

Special Blues

Anyone who knows me knows I find it incredibly hard to resist a good buy from H&M, so when I saw this seriously cute playsuit I just had to have it. All my money worries went flying out of the window and in came this beauty...

blazer H&M
playsuit H&M
shoes NEW LOOK
necklace LOLA ROSE
belt LEVI

Okay so this playsuit is special and has now taken residence in a very special place in my heart for absolute favourite outfits. Not only is it blue (and i LOVE blue), not only is it aztec and summer, but it is so versatile as well. In this post I've got it all dressed for work, but if I wanted I could wear it down the beach with sandals, or just for a day out with a cardy and sandals, lounge it down with a comfy jumper (which is actually what I'm doing right this second) or dress it up big style with some wedges and a blazer. Therefore = special.
Plus it is just o so perdy! Just totally in love with it.

I would like to draw your attention to something else a little bit special in this post as well which you'll find on my wrist. I absolutely love this bracelet. It was made especially for me by Lauren over at www.raspberrygrape.com and I haven't take it off since I got it (except for the shower & sleep). I'm hoping that this will help one of the boys grandparents to call me 'Lisa' instead of 'Liza' as well, you never know - a girl can dream! (it's only been four and half years but o well!)

What's taken residence in that special place in your heart at the moment?


  1. Ohh I tried this on! I got the black one instead but I love it! xx

    1. yer i liked the black one but all my playsuits are black haha! x

  2. Haha love the little trick to avoid 'Liza', blue suits you :) x

    1. haha will let you know if it works! thanks for the bracelet :) x

  3. such a cute romper!
    xx Kate



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