13 June 2012

Little Black Skirt

This is a somewhat mini outfit post for from me :) 
I went out to Tiger Tiger in Portsmouth with some friends on Jubilee Monday to celebrate my friends finishing university.. Doesn't seem quite real that I was in the same position a year ago eek! Making me feel slightly old I have to say...


Little bit of a New Look post I have just realised! My go-to outfit for going out clubbing nearly always involves my black structured skirt. It's ridiculously flattering, hold everything in where it should be and it just effortlessly stylish.
This time I styled it with this gorgeous floral blouse from New Look as seen on Mollie King from The Saturdays on DayBreak a couple weeks back. I just fell in love with that and the colours on it.

Here are some other ways I've styled my trusty black skirt...

1. out for friends birthday. French Connection Vest (with Beth)
2. out for colleaugues leaving do. Topshop Vest (with Becca) - this is prob one of my faves.
3. Outfit above
4. Girly night out with a Miss Selfridge top (with Amber)
5. Out for Matt's birthday in a Topshop tshirt (with Andra)
6. Out celebrating the end of uni in Topshop vest (another fave!) with Andra

I would like to apologise for some of them as I was slightly (cough) tipsy, especially the last one but I just love that pic as I look like a skinny minny! I should also apologise to Andra for sticking a drunk one of her up as well - sorry!
As you can see, definitely a go to clubbing outfit...

What would you team your black skirt with?


  1. aww it looks lovely on you and is definitely a wardrobe staple, i'd wear mine with a sheer blouse like you have done on some of your outfit pictures.

    i'm a new follower btw, I would love it if you followed me back :)


    1. aww thanks hun :) yes i definitely think it's the best way to style the skirt!
      have looked at yours, love it :) am a new follower.
      Thanks x


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