23 June 2012

Benefit PoreFessional

Benefit Porefessional Sample Size*

I have been wanting to try this baby out since it launched but have been trying to justify the £23.50 it costs without trying it out first. So when I heard Glamour were giving away samples of porefessional I literally ran to my Boots hoping there was still a copy left with this inside and I got lucky. I was just praying it didn't disappoint.

I have used primer before and this is completely different. This is more of a balm with a really matte consistency and goes on really easily. What I love about this consistency is, unlike other primers I have tried, this doesn't make my skin oily so this made a happy Lisa. My skin is naturally oily so I'm always looking for anything that can either help, or at least not make it worse.
As a primer it works really well, it helps hold my make up in place a lot longer compared to not wearing any and it does give my skin a glow. I went out without foundation the other day (I somehow forgot it) and if I'm honest I didn't even notice I wasn't wearing foundation and neither did anyone else. Impressed indeed.

What I will say, is it says it minimises the appearance of pores - I'm going to debate this. I haven't noticed any difference in the appearance of my pores, they haven't changed at all. What you have to remember with skin care and make up though is that it is subjective to your type of skin so what may not work for me might still be good for you, and vice versa. 

I am using this on a daily basis, however I am still undecided whether I can justify buying this as a primer when there are cheaper ones out there which might work just as well. If you have the money though, definitely go for it.

Have you tried this yet? What drugstore primers would you recommend?

P.S. Check out my guest post on the lovely Steph's blog while she is off on her hols here



  1. I got the sample too and I'm so glad I did, it just didn't work for my skin! Made it look dull and dry x

  2. I used my sample for the first time today, absolutely love the consistency of it and my skin just felt smoother straight away and it almost evened out my skin tone but I still felt the need for foundation. I really like it so far, but not sure I can justify £23.50, when you could get 5 samples for £10 and have the same amount of product :) x
    Jess xo

  3. Aw what a shame it didn't work for you! I find it works brilliantly on my pores, but I really don't like the fragrance, so haven't used it all over my face as a primer. I'm on the look out for another sample but Glamour seems to be sold out where I live :-( x

  4. I have made pretty much the same experience :) great blog, following now. x angie

  5. Gah I actually dreamt about this product the other night! I don't think I could justfiy the price either


  6. i got this the other day, still need to try it! i've seen people say the same as you, so I will try it out and see how it goes :)



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