18 June 2012

Sunny Denim

tshirt TOPSHOP
bracelet LOLA ROSE
necklace LOLA ROSE
puppy ARTHUR

We had quite a sunny warm day on Sunday (yay) so I decided I'd brave it and pop on a skirt. I got this skirt last summer as an impulsive buy as it's totally different to anything I had before and I was starting to get very interested in high waist. I love this skirt, it nips in at my waist and I believe it makes any outfit look effortlessly chic. Well, chic for me - I'm not going to sit here and pretend to be a fashion guru. 
This tshirt is a favourite of mine as well, I usually wear it with shorts in the summer or over a bikini on the beach. It's really light and so easy to wear. Definitely a go to t-shirt when I can't be bothered to make too much effort.

I think this outfit is just really simple and light for a June day playing with the puppy. I also think it has a touch of rock n roll with the t-shirt. Had a great day on Sunday, Dad was at the MotoGP so the boy came over and we played with the puppy. Took him for a walk and also had a slight water fight, which Arthur got in the middle of trying to protect me from a scary watering can of course. Good puppy !

How was your Fathers Day?


  1. Such a cute outfit - I love it. My fathers day went alright, but I barely saw my Dad because he got back from a holiday quite late at night. Instead, I went out with my fiances father for a meal.

    Lovely blog, I'm following!


  2. wow that is one of the cutest chambray skirts I have ever seen! :)
    xx Kate


  3. Love the skirt! I am also a fan of Lola rose x

  4. Lovely summery outfit. I do like those wedges! X


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