16 June 2012

No7 Natural Blush

No7 Natural Blush Cheek Colour in Soft Damson

I'm going to be the first to admit that blusher has never really been my thing, I'm more of a bronzer girl. However, after needing to use another No7 voucher I thought I'd take risk and nab myself a blush. I'm so glad I did. Soft Damson is the perfect colour for me, especially after I've already applied my bronzer. It isn't too pink so that it's ridiculous, but it's a nice warm pink that really compliments my natural colour.
It lasts for a good few hours, which we all want so overall I'm really pleased with the product. It's really easy to apply and it isn't too powdering (thank god!) and it's just a really nice consistency. Coverage is nice and even, just can't say a bad word about it really.

It's £9.50, I got it for £4.50 with my £5 voucher, and I would quite happily pay £9.50 for it when I need some more.

Are you a blusher or bronzer girl? Which ones do you love?

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