9 June 2012

Little Cream Dress

Ideally I would have liked to have done this dress as a lovely summer outfit, all cute and spinny - however the weather had other plans so I managed to adapt into a bit of a autumn/winter wonder. Well, to be honest I'm wearing it so it's also an English Summer wonder!!

Before I pop these up I would like to apologize for lack of amazingness with accessory photos that I usually do, this literally had the one necklace and the lighting was so bad I couldn't get any that looked great - sorry! I promise to be back on form soon :)

cardigan NEW LOOK
leggins TOPSHOP
boots NEW LOOK
necklace TOPSHOP

So this is my lovely new Topshop dress that I got for a fantastic £20 which I thought was a bargain. I originally tried it on in a slate colour and thought "O I really like it but I wish it was cream..." then as I was putting it back I found a cream one - meant to be! I have to say it is quite short, but that might just be cause I have a big arse so it's shorter then it is meant to be - hint to bum, get smaller! 
It is also available in slate and black. 

The boy got his photographer on in these pictures, he was trying to direct me which resulted in some fairly peculiar ones (which I have deleted) and some nice ones which I have obviously included. Am definitely going to try and get a bit more adventurous with my poses as everyone seemed to like it in my last one :)

What would you pair your little cream dress with?


  1. very cute dress, and the cardigan looks so comfortable:)
    I would maybe pair it with some pastel colors for spring..
    xx Kate


    1. yer definitely :) need to invest in a pastel blazer! or your flowery one...! x

  2. The dress is gorgeous, and not too short with leggings or tights. I have the bum issue with short dresses too, so glad it's not just me! X

    1. haha def not dw :) my arse is such a problem with dresses & skirts! x


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