12 June 2012

Mischa Barton Lemon Zest Body Butter

I have to say I'm incredibly impressed with June's 'She Said Beauty' box. Aprils and I didn't quite get on as well as I wanted, but me and June are best buds - especially due to this product.

As seen here I gave a rave review for Mischa Barton's Luscious Lips so when I found out I would be getting another part of her cosmetics collection I was very excited. Luckily I was justified in this excitement.
I prefer body butters to lotions as I feel they do more for my skin and they just feel nicer and I have been using the Body Shop's Body Butters for years. This feels totally different and in a fantastic way.
It feels softer and absorbs into the skin a lot easier. You only need a small amount which means this product will last for a while, justifying the price for me.
Now onto the smell - oh.my.god. It's amazing. Literally amazing. I love citrus smells, but only if they are subtle and this is exactly that. I find myself smelling my arms throughout the day just to get a whiff. It doesn't last all day, around 3 hours I would say but the moisture lasts.
Arthur appears to love this product as well. After I put it on he was there trying to lick me for ages afterwards and following me around - a good sign I think!

I would definitely recommend this product. My skins feels smother, and more moisturized. I love the smell and the texture. 
It is also available in Aqua Mist, Coco Cinnamon and Violet Vision. I would definitely love to try this in Coco Cinnamon, especially around Christmas time.

Overall, love this product - thanks She Said Beauty & Mischa's Place!

What scent would you like to try? Have you tried her body butters?



  1. looks great, I didn't even know that Mischa Barton did cosmetics:)
    xx Kate


    1. Neither did I until a couple months ago! Love that I have tried so far :)

  2. I had no idea Mischa Barton was working on anything "new". Awesome review. Thanks for the heads up!



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