20 June 2012

Spa Find Dermal Extract

The lovely people over at Spa Find and Dead Sea Spa Magik sent me over a load of goodies to help me with my acne, this is one of them.
It's an intensive anti acne treatment which helps reduce inflammation and sebum production, leaving skin free of imperfections and leaving it clear and soft. It's to be used for one week every month and you get three 6ml vials in a box which costs £29.50. You can also use it for three weeks in a row for an intensive treatment, just make sure you use an entire vial in one week.
So, every morning and night I have been massaging this liquid into problem areas for a week now and I have noticed quite a big difference in my skin. This is actually a little miracle product, and if I'm honest it outperforms Origins Super Spot Remover for me (see review here). The smell isn't the most pleasant smell I have ever put on my face, but the thing works so who am I to argue with scent!

With regards to price, yet it seems like a lot. However, if you think you get three months worth for £29.50, that's around a tenner a month to use on acne products which I don't think is actually that bad. Can you tell I'm justifying this to myself as well as you?! I will be continuing to use this product every month until I run out, and then I will almost certainly be myself myself a new box.
I'm very grateful that I have been introduced to this new line of natural products, it really works and I'm loving trying them all out so keep an eye out for more reviews on products from these brands!

Have you tried Spa Find yet? What do you use for your acne issues?


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