28 June 2012

Purple Magic


jacket republic (old)
top (actually a dress) h&M
skirt new look
scarf can't remember
shoes new look
necklace lola rose
beaded bracelet lola rose
bangle home-made

I've been looking for the perfect maxi skirt for aaages. I'm not sold on those that have a shorter skirt visible underneath and I'm quite short so they all seem ridiculously long on me. However, I went into New Look this week and fell a little but in love with this one. It's a teeny bit see-through, so I wore a tshirt dress from H&M underneath to help with it, and I just love the colour. It's completely different to what I usually go for (blue) so I was pleased with my purchase! I have become a lot more adventurous when it's come to my recent purchases!

I wore this little beauty of an outfit to the Harry Potter, Warner Bros Studio tour the other day - was AMAZING! Would definitely recommend it to any Harry Potter fan! Was quite cool going through the tour and then watching a film and thinking "O I've seen that, o I know how that's done now!"
Have popped a couple pics below for you to enjoy :)

At Hogwarts front gate
At Privet Drive

Meeting Dobby!

O hi Diagon Alley


Have you tried maxi skirts yet? Also, have you been to the Harry Potter Tour? What did you think?



  1. Love the maxi and I am going to the Harry Potter tour soon for my cousins birthday! If you struggle to get a maxi that's the right length you could try getting a midi and wearing it as a maxi :)


  2. Loving that purple skirt!


  3. Homemade bracelet? Thats amazing! I love the colour of that skirt as well.
    Following...follow back if you like?


    1. thanks :) my mums just done a course in it and she made us both one :) and I'll go have a look now lovely! x

  4. Love this look, the skirt works so well with the jeans jacket and scarf! And I am so jealous that you can got to this Harry Potter thing and I can't, I am a big Harry Potter fan!:)
    xx Kate



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