27 September 2017

Testing: L'Oreal Paris Paradise Mascara

Mascara is one of those make up items that I tend to stay very loyal to - because I am super picky. A mascara has to hit so many plus points for me to actually want to use it and pick it up on a regular basis, otherwise it'll just get ignored and dismissed. So when I find one I love, I stick to it like glue and it's on my repurchase list time and time again.

25 September 2017

Transitional Autumn Look Book

You guys know, or you do now, that I love Autumn. It's mainly because my birthday is in November, and you know Christmas isn't far behind, but it's also because of the fashion. I love to cosy up in a good pair of jeans, comfy slouchy jumper, or a cute dress with tights. It's like Lisa fashion prime time. I do love Summer, but I find it so hard to dress for it, and for a girl whose not super skinny or slim, summer fashions don't tend to do me many favours.

20 September 2017

The Lip Series: Spend vs Save

Welcome to the first blog post in my new feature across channel and blog, The Lip Series. I love a good lip product, and truth be told they are probably my favourite beauty product - I just find nothing can quite change a look like a lip. So as part of me trying to create content I enjoy (because let's face it, it's always so much better for you guys if I like what I create), I wanted to dedicate a whole series to the lips.

18 September 2017

Staying Motivated Working from Home

Working from home definitely has it's ups and downs. It has flexibility, you can work in your PJ's if you wish, and you don't have to leave the comfort of your own home. However, home is where distractions can be, so it can be really hard to focus down.

13 September 2017

How to combat your sick face

Yup, totally appealing title, I know. Now, I wrote a similar post a little while ago around how to look after your skin when you're feeling especially poorly. However, today I really wanted to focus on how to disguise those "tells" on your face - the ones that people pick up on and say "Oh wow, you really don't look well do you".
Lovely, lovely people.

11 September 2017

Amsterdam: My Top Things to Do

Amsterdam is one of those cities you feel like you have to visit, at least once in your life. And after seeing picture upon picturesque shot on Instagram I was super excited to go and explore. We went this past weekend for a long weekend to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary (side note - how did THAT happen) and so I wanted to share with you my top things to do while you're there.

8 September 2017

I Heart... Angela Clark, and so should you

So yesterday was a great day - do you know why? It was a day all Angela Clark/Lindsey Kelk fans had been waiting for, the release of the next I Heart instalment. I KNOW! Exciting right? I pre-ordered a paperback version pretty much as soon as it became available, and I think it's the first time I've looked forward to coming back from a holiday because I wanted to read a book. But I am, SO SO excited.


6 September 2017

The Chloe Faye Dupe

I'm going to be honest, I've never been a huge "bag" person. I've never looked at a bag and physically swooned the way I have at a pair of Jimmy Choo's. I can appreciate their beauty, and like all girls a Mulberry wouldn't go unloved, but it's just never been a must for me. However, when bloggers started showing off their Chloe Faye bags I started to pay attention.

4 September 2017

The Perfect Transitional Scent

Summer is, pretty much over and done with, which means Autumn is officially in the air. As I've stated on most blog posts since September hit... Because of this I feel like there's a lot of transitioning happening in various different ways. I've noticed I'm reached for richer lip colours, darker eyeshadows and comfier jumpers. But some things I find actually work through both seasons, and today I want to talk about a super transition fragrance.

1 September 2017

Hello Autumn, Let's Refresh

It's the first of September. When did that happen? Honestly where has the past year gone, it's insane. I always love this time of year when we're transitioning into Autumn. This may be an unpopular opinion but I actually prefer Autumn to Summer. I feel like this gives you the opportunity for a refresh, a new start and a way to blow the cobwebs away.
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