20 September 2017

The Lip Series: Spend vs Save

Welcome to the first blog post in my new feature across channel and blog, The Lip Series. I love a good lip product, and truth be told they are probably my favourite beauty product - I just find nothing can quite change a look like a lip. So as part of me trying to create content I enjoy (because let's face it, it's always so much better for you guys if I like what I create), I wanted to dedicate a whole series to the lips.

I'm also running this series on my channel, and posted the first video up yesterday which takes you through my top five autumn nude shades - so I'd highly recommend checking it out and subscribing (pretty please?)
It took me a little while to decide on what I wanted to write about for the first post, I mean I have a notebook full of ideas, but for me what I really wanted to do was focus down on the age old question of buying good make up products - do I need to spend to get the quality? When should you spend out, and when should you save?
With some beauty products I do feel like you do need to invest a little bit more, skincare for example if there for me. However, for a lot of make up products now you really don't have to. The high street/drugstore is on point right now, they've bought out so many beautiful products that are such high quality and they tend to have really good dupes for a lot of higher end products. So I wanted to talk you through some of my favourite lip products you can get for purse friendly prices, and then those that I'm happy to spend out for because I love them and find you don't quite get the same finish or quality elsewhere.
I think everyone is a fan of these, but for me MAC lipsticks are worth the price for a number of reasons. First of all the colour range is insane - I think if you can't find a colour you like, there may be something wrong with you. Or you just hate lip products. I don't think I've ever seen another brand with such a huge range, there really is something for everyone. Also, the range of finishes - now the formula does vary across the finishes, but generally these lipsticks have a great formula. Most of them are super creamy, comfortable to wear, the more glossy/sheer finishes don't feel super slippery and they still last for a good amount of time. The matte ones are known to be a little more drying, but the stay on forever. Okay, maybe not forever but I'm not far off. Even so, these ones are still very comfortable to wear and they don't flake like some of the cheaper matte lipsticks you can get. I will always want to treat myself to these, I have a shade wishlist the length of both my arms, and some of my favourite all time shades, and everyday reaches are from MAC.
Definitely a lipstick that is more on the luxe side of things, however these lipsticks have probably my favourite finish to them. I do love a matte finish, but I find sometimes they can be a little too matte and if my lips aren't in the best condition it just doesn't work. However, the velvet finish to these is beautiful. It's not completely matte, still has a slight gloss to it but not too much that it reduces it's wear time. It's a more natural matte finish, high pigmentation and super, super comfortable to wear on the lips. There's also a good shade range from more nude shades like La Rafinee, to bright pinks and reds like L'Exuberant or any of the rouge's. They're stunning colours, beautiful finish and oh my god.. the packaging. These are definitely more of a treat yourself purchase, but you will love these forever.
More on the liquid lipstick side, but these are beautiful and ever so comfortable. They're feather light, not too watery for a liquid lipstick - as the name suggests they're more on the creamier side. There is a massive range of colours here as well - almost as much as the MAC lipsticks - again, there is something for everyone. The pigmentation on these as well is insane - they're super pigmented, packed full of colour and it really does last all day. I was so impressed with these when I first tried them, especially for the low price point. The finish is also beautiful, they're almost like the velvet finish but not quite. They're a soft matte, so they don't settle down into all the cracks in your lips or create that super matte finish, it is a lot softer and there is a little bit of glow to it which I like. I'd highly recommend trying these if you're a fan of pigment and colour because these are stunning.
I believe Rimmel bought these out last year, but they do two finishes - normal everyday gloss, and your mattes. I love both formulas. Rimmel always seems to nail lip products, they're just on it, but these are definitely my favourites. The glossy formula is so comfortable, not too slippery on the lips, they dry down nicely and you forget they're even there which I love. The finish is beautiful as well, I usually prefer more matte/velvet finishes, but I love these because they aren't super glossy, it's just enough. The matte range is also super comfortable. It's definitely more matte than the NYX products and Chanel lipsticks, but not quite as matte as MAC's mattes. How many mattes can I put in a sentence? And again, they're super comfortable. There's no tug on the lips, there's no settling into creases and cracks, it just smoothes it all over. The wear time on these is also great, a good few hours, and they don't flake off either when they do go - it's definitely more of a fade than a flake. I love both formulas, they're so comfortable and I need more in my collection. They have a huge ranges of shades across both going from nudes, to brights, to dark autumn shades and they're super purse friendly at that.
So that's it! Obviously I have a lot more ranges in my collection, from all brands, however for me this is where I would go if you're looking to spend - or you want to save but still have that high quality. Let me know if you'd like to see full collection posts, or dupes for higher ends as well and I'll pop them into the list!
Much love, Lisa May x


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