27 September 2017

Testing: L'Oreal Paris Paradise Mascara

Mascara is one of those make up items that I tend to stay very loyal to - because I am super picky. A mascara has to hit so many plus points for me to actually want to use it and pick it up on a regular basis, otherwise it'll just get ignored and dismissed. So when I find one I love, I stick to it like glue and it's on my repurchase list time and time again.

I saw so much hype around L'Oreal's latest mascara launch, their Paradise mascara, that I felt I really needed to try it. Just to see.

Let's start by looking at what L'Oreal says about this hugely hyped mascara: Take your lashes to paradise with intense volume and spectacular length. The Ultra-Soft brush coats lashes with a silky smooth formula, enriched with lash-loving castor oil. Lashes feel feather-soft, without any flaking.

Well you can tell the marketing department had fun with this. So let's look at this piece by piece.

"Intense volume and spectacular length"
I do like a little volume, but I'm more about length and colour. If I can see my lashes over my liquid liner, I'm happy, and you can with this. It gives very nice length without looking fake which I really like, and it does add volume to my lashes - not too much but just enough for your lashes to stand out and look defined. However, although it does give a curl, I find it doesn't tend to curl as much as I would like a mascara to do - so I think an eyelash curler is definitely something that's needed with this product, and I did find it improved when I did this. But it doesn't say anything about curl so maybe that's why.

For volume and length I'll definitely give it to this mascara, it gives you both from the first coat and there is a pretty impressive before and after look.

"Ultra-soft brush"
So the brush, very different from what I've been liking recently. It's a kinda hourglass shape, where it curves out, in at the middle and out again - the bottom wider than the top curve. It also has lots of bristles. I find the brush grabs hold of every lash it can and coats it with the product, which is really good, it seems to capture everything. However, my one this is that the brush is huge - biggest mascara brush I've ever seen - so it's not ideal for bottom lashes I've found, or getting right into the corner of your eyes. You can do it, but it can be a little fiddly. In terms of it being ultra-soft, I think the bristles do that, however I've not squeezed the brush myself to check as it's covered in product - but it's definitely going to be softer than a plastic brush.

"Silky smooth formula"
The formula is smooth, and it's certainly not clumpy - which is a massive bonus. It's definitely more on the wet side compared to others I've used, which usually means it can go quite clumpy for me, but this doesn't seem to do that which is nice. Because it's a wet formula, it is heavier on the lashes so you do find that they drop a little quicker than a drier formula, but to be honest it's not overly obvious and it's slight. So yes, it's a nice smooth formula that coats my lashes without clumping them together or making them look like spiders legs. Always a win.

"Lashes feel feather-soft, without any flaking"
I don't know about you, but I don't really tend to go around touching my lashes to see how soft they are with mascara on. However, I have to say they feel fairly natural with this on. They don't feel hard when the product tries, tacky or dry.  So yeah, soft lashes for the win. And I agree, no flaking at all. I have definitely use mascaras that dry out and flake under the eyes as the day wears on, but this is super long lasting and doesn't flake at all.

Some other things to note with this product, outside of L'Oreals description. First of all, the packaging - sigh. Can we just all agree it's beautiful? Secondly is the colour, so I think it only comes in black, but it's a good solid black. It's not grey toned, it doesn't have a slight green tinge to it, it's not a soft black - it's super black, which I love. And lastly, it actually doesn't really smudge.. It's not a waterproof product so I was expecting it to smudge like hell, as non waterproof mascaras usually do, however I rubbed my eyes, and there was no product left on my hand, and it hadn't really budged from my eyelashes. So I was really impressed with that.

Overall, I get the hype. It's a beautiful mascara, and I think it's definitely great quality for the price. If you do prefer your mascaras to give you a really good curl then you may not be into this so much - I find the Maybelline Lash Sensational gives more curl and I think this is due to the brush being that curved shape - but otherwise I think most people will love it.

Much love, Lisa May xx

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