6 September 2017

The Chloe Faye Dupe

I'm going to be honest, I've never been a huge "bag" person. I've never looked at a bag and physically swooned the way I have at a pair of Jimmy Choo's. I can appreciate their beauty, and like all girls a Mulberry wouldn't go unloved, but it's just never been a must for me. However, when bloggers started showing off their Chloe Faye bags I started to pay attention.

Who made these beautiful bags, and what body part would I have to sell to afford one?
I jest. Maybe. They are beautiful, in particular the small shoulder bag in the gorgeous teal leather. However, it's not an attainable goal for most girls. So when I was browsing Topshop's "New In" section, colour me surprised when I found an almost identical dupe for only £25. Colour me unsurprised when they kept selling out online. So before it went again, I snapped up the very practical black option. And I'm now in love.
The Topshop Remy D-Ring bag is just beautiful. The flap at the top is suedette, while the rest is a smooth texture. The strap is reminiscent of those Chanel bags, with a gold thick chain leading up to leather type handle. It's cross body so super practical, and the length is actually really great - hitting just at the hip so it's not too short when crossed over, and not too long when hanging from one should. It's not the biggest bag in the world, obviously, but it has two fairly roomy compartments inside, one with a card holder. You can definitely fit your essentials in here - like phone, money, keps and lipstick.
Where it's beauty comes into play is the big gold D-ring at the front of the bag, which also makes it a dupe for the Faye. It's such a statement aspect of the bag, making it more interesting than your average black bag, and making it look more expensive than it's purse friendly price tag.
This is the perfect day to night bag, one you can fit your everyday items in, and then take out in the evening with you without it looking like you're taking the kitchen sink. I'm obsessed with it. Yes it may not be real leather, and it may not have the Chloe name attached to it - but I fell in love with how the bag looked, not the label, so for now I'm super pleased and settled with my Topshop alternative.
If you're interested it comes in four different colours, but they keep selling out super quickly so go and snap one up now if you can!
Much love, Lisa Katharine May xx

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