4 September 2017

The Perfect Transitional Scent

Summer is, pretty much over and done with, which means Autumn is officially in the air. As I've stated on most blog posts since September hit... Because of this I feel like there's a lot of transitioning happening in various different ways. I've noticed I'm reached for richer lip colours, darker eyeshadows and comfier jumpers. But some things I find actually work through both seasons, and today I want to talk about a super transition fragrance.
Because I'm an obsessive perfume person now, FYI.
I've never really been super into my fragrances and perfumes, but the past year or so I've become so obsessed and feel like I need certain scents for different times of the year - for the first time ever. But this particular fragrance seems to lend itself to this time of year.
So I'm talking about the Hugo Boss, Boss The Scent for Her. I got a sample for this in the Spring, bought a full bottle in the Summer, and am still reaching for it every day now it's getting cooler. But I just feel like it's such a good scent for most seasons. Possibly not Winter, but definitely great for right now. The scents are meant to be all about attraction and seducation, which I don't usually go for, but I find the notes make it incredibly feminine, yet still sexy and classic. So let's run through the notes... ya know, like I actually know what I'm talking about.

Top Notes: Honey Peach and Freesia
Heart Notes: Osmanthus Flower
Base Notes: Roasted Cocoa

There's a few flowery scents to this, and I think that's what made it feel very Spring appropriate for me. They're very light, fresh floral scents which make it feel girly and lovely - but not too sickly which is perfect. The peach scent made it feel all summer for me. I don't usually go for a fruity scent, but this is so subtle and light it was perfect. And then we move into what makes it Autumn appropriate for me - the Roasted Cocoa. This is so different for me, and just adds an extra layer of something something. It makes it feel sophisticated and sexy, with a little bit of edge. All notes mixed together you get an almost, all season suitable fragrance, that doesn't break the bank, and is suitable for most age groups and girlish types.

It's total love for me, and I'll be reaching for this constantly over the next couple of months. Until I find my perfect Winter scent - please feel free to recommend these to me now!

Much love, Lisa Katharine May xx


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