30 April 2013

Skin Care | Botanics Clay Mask


I've never used a clay mask before this, so I'm not sure what I was expecting. I bought this after reading on another blog that if you have acne-prone skin you should use a clay mask once a week to help purify your skin. Oceanic clay exhibits a negative electrical charge which helps draw out deep-rooted impurities.

So, you need to have a clean face, and then apply a generous layer of the mask all over, avoiding eyes, hairline and mouth. Then leave on for ten minutes, or until it dries, then remove. The first couple of times I used this I didn't really see much of a difference. I was giving up my Origins Out of Trouble mask so I wanted something that made it worthwhile.

After the third time, I took it off and my skin did look cleaner, it looked brighter and it just looked healthier. Since then it has been improving my skins, once a week, and I have fallen a little bit in love with it. Overall my skin just looks nicer. I still use my Origins mask when I get a break out, this is now used as my every week mask.

What clay masks do you use? Which would you recommend?

28 April 2013

Make Up | Nude Magique CC Cream


After using a foundation that had lavendar pigments to help with dullness and finding it help, I thought I would give a CC Cream a go.Now, we have BB Cream or beauty balms, now we have CC cream, or colour correctors. There seems to be a new fad in double alphabet type creams going around.

L'Oreal bought these out a couple of months ago, a different colour for dinner reasons. Dullness is something I do suffer with, especially after a long day at work so it's quite nice to brighten to skin up. As you can see it comes out purple, which is quite scary, and as you apply and rub it in it turns into skin colour. It's a tad orangey and a little bit dark for me if I'm honest, so I can't use too much and I can't wear it on its own as a foundation.

I've been wearing it underneath my foundation as a base and if I'm honest, I'm really not seeing much difference. My skin doesn't look any brighter than without it on. For a tenner it seems a bit much for something that didn't really do anything for me. It's a shame as well as I love the idea behind it.

It hasn't put me off using CC Creams, I would love to find one that actually does something so if you have any suggestions?

What do you think of these alphabet creams?

27 April 2013

Food | Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Today is my baby brothers 21st birthday party - feel ridiculously old. So, I thought I would make some cakes for the day. After going through some of my favourite blogs I found these cute cakes on Milk Bubble Tea, now if you haven't seen her blog then go do now! She's lovely and her blog is the cutest thing.
So anywho, I popped down the Sainsburys, picked up my ingredients and off I went - here is how I did it.

Ingredients: Betty Crocker Devil's Food Cake Mix; Ice Cream Cup Cones; Butter; Eggs; Food Colouring; Icing Sugar; Olive Oil; Decorations; Water

Preheat the over to 180 degrees.
First up you mix together you cake mix with 3 eggs, olive oil and water (all amounts are on the packet) or alternative make your own chocolate cake mix from scratch.

Pop you cones in a cake tray - this just makes it easier for the cones to stay upright when the mixture is poured into them.
Then, once the mix is ready, pour into the cones. From the picture above you get quite large cakes, however, some I did with a couple of inches at the top and they were a bit each to ice and eat afterwards. I seemed to forget that cakes rise (opps).
Once happy, pop these into the over for 18-20 minutes.

Mine came out like this (as I forgot about the rising) however, not a problem as I just picked off the bits I didn't want. If you weren't going to ice them I think these would be great cause it does just look like ice cream melting down the side.
Anyway, while you are waiting for these to cool, pop together some butter icing (or buy it). I made mine with butter, icing sugar and a tiny bit of water.
Then, pop your food colouring in and mix. I chose blue and green cause they are meant to be "boy cakes".
Once finished, I sprinkled with some white chocolate stars. Voila!

I'm thinking next time I will pipe the icing as Becky's looks so much nicer than mine (and hers are pink so already better) but I'm really happy with how they came out.
I hope everyone at the party likes them - and my brother for that matter. Really good fun to make and I think they just look amazing - and a lot harder to make then they actually are! I would definitely recommend giving them a go!!

What do you think? Would you try cupcake cones?


25 April 2013

Skincare | B. Pure Micellar Water

B. PURE MICELLAR WATER £3.99 (available from Superdrug)

I am a big lover of Bioderma and their products have been raved about and highly anticipated to be launched in the UK. It has now been launched, but while I was waiting I was on a hunt for a micellar water that was more readily available.

This is described as a "super water"; it cleanses, removing impurities and make up, tones by restoring the pH balance in the skin and refreshes with cucumber extract. I use this in the evening to remove my make up, the idea being that it breaks the make up down as opposed to just wiping it off.

I've found that this solution is great at removing my make up quickly and easily, you just need to saturate a large cotton pad and wipe your face. It doesn't tend to dry out my skin and it leaves it looking fresh and I feel refreshed. It's a very nice product at an incredibly reasonable price.

Compared to Bioderma, I still think Bioderma is the better product in terms of make up removal, but B.Pure is still a really great product and I definitely wanna try some more of their products.

What micellar waters do you use?

24 April 2013

Outfit | Into the Blue


Ok, firstly a big apology for the awfulness that is these photos. Not my best I know, but I actually really liked this outfit so I took advantage of a sunny day with somewhere there to take the photos.

I love blue anyway, so pairing blue things together is always going to make me happy. I got this peplum top for Christmas and I guess I have been struggling to team it with something I'm happy with. Then I dug these jeans out this weekend and voila - I have myself a "just spring" outfit. Teamed with a grey marl blazer adds more dimension to just blue. I wore this to help a friend set up her parents 25th anniversary party. Many a cake and cookie later and I changed... But this was my day outfit!

What's your favourite colour to wear?

23 April 2013

Nails | Essie Maximillian Strasse Her


This is part of Essie's new Spring/Summer collection, which I've been waiting to see in Boots stores for ages so imagine my excitement when I saw the new collection this weekend! I decided I was only allowed to buy one so make it a special one... Oh this is definitely a special one.

Maximillian Strasse Her is a very dusky, greyish pale blue that is a gorgeous colour for the Spring. The name is a bit random and I don't really understand it but the colour, oh the colour! It has the usual Essie wide brush which makes it easy to apply, dries quickly and is opaque for a pale colour. This image shows two coats and has a fantastic glossy even finish.

I love Essie polishes anyway, but I really do a special place in my heart for this shade. A lot of love.

Which shade do you love from the new collection?

22 April 2013

Make Up | Drugstore Foundations

I've spent the past few months trying to find a drugstore foundation that could compete with the higher end products. For me, I just cannot justify spending £20 or over every time I need a new foundation, so I set myself a mission. I bought four drugstore foundations and tried each out for two weeks at a time. So what did I think?
I have done full reviews on each of these which will be linked under each product.

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in True Ivory £6.99 (Boots Link, Review Link)
I really loved the consistency of this foundation, the way it applied and the coverage it gave. It left a dewy glow afterwards and the shade was as close as I'm ever going to get with a yellow tinted foundation. It lasted all day at work which is great and the matching powder goes really well. The only downside for me is it just didn't agree with my skin and bought me out in spots quite a lot, which is not exactly what I want so I had to stop. Otherwise, it was a great product at a fantastic price.

Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation in Vanilla (Shade 52) £10.99 (Boots Link, Review Link)
This is the most expensive out of the four and probably my least favourite. It smells great and I love the concept of the three different pigments used to colour correct, but it just didn't do anything for me in the end. It dried out my skin really badly and it just didn't last at all, two hours maximum and then it just disappeared. The shade was great though, basically exactly the same as the Rimmel foundation, and it blended well. But otherwise, this just really didn't do it for me.

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation in Nude £8.99 (Boots Link, Review Link)
This product was bought out really recently and has been raved about on blogs. I for one definitely back this hype up. This is a really nice lightweight foundation that still provides a medium coverage. There's no foundation smell, it blends in amazingly well and leaves a nice natural glow. This is one that is definitely going to stay in my make up collection and will be rebuying. For the price I think it's a fantastic buy and I would highly recommend it. Especially in warmer weather when you need a lighter weight foundation.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in Vanilla (Shade 52) £9.99 (Superdrug Link, Review Link)
Again a really great product at a really great price. This is a heavier weight foundation compared to the Revlon foundation, and gives a slightly heavier coverage. It still looks natural however which is nice and again, gives a really nice natural healthy glow that just makes you face feel healthier and more radiant. This is definitely my new autumn/winter foundation due to the heaviness. A great little product, a big hit for me.

I know there are dozens of drugstore foundations to try out - but these four will just have to be it for me for now. My favourite out of the four is probably Bourjois's Healthy Mix, I prefer the end look from this to the Revlon Nearly Naked, but it's a tad heavy for the hotter weather.

What is your favourite drugstore foundations? Any you think I should try out?


18 April 2013

Trends | Spring Switch Up

The sun HAS been shining.. and I am now refusing to wear coats because it is April (trust me, not a good idea but I am stubborn!). So, after doing a looooot of research and looking at catwalk beauty trends from the Spring Fashion Weeks, I have finally compiled some beauty switch ups for Spring. Basically, what to swtich from and to for the Spring. Okay, that may not make a whole lot of sense but you will see what I mean, so I will stop rambling and get into it...

Nails | Swap Nail Art for Foundation Nails
Let's face it, we have better things to be doing in Spring and Summer than arting up our nails, we need something simple, something pretty and something a little bit different. Foundation nails are just that, simple and yet incredibly chic. My favourite is definitely Barry M's Lychee, but also check out Chanel's Frenzy if you fancy something a bit more pricey.

Lips | Swap Dark Berries for Fuschia Pinks
She says after just buying Plumful from Mac (opps). Berry was a big big colour for Autumn and Winter, and one I only really got into in the last two months of it. But now Spring is here so dust off your pretty pinks and start applying! Fuschia pinks in particular seem to be the big "it" colour at the moment - some shades I would check out are Rimmel Moisture Renew in Lily Extase, Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick in Shade 11 and Rimmel Apocalips in Apocalyptic.

Eyes | Swap Smokey Eyes for Colour
I for one am a little scared of using bright colours on my eyes, however Spring is all about the new and it's definitely about colour so swap your browns for blues and greens. One trend I have seen which I love is using blue eyeliner on your waterline. I've seen Kat over at Jemima&Ted do this (check it out here) so definitely check that out for inspiration. Some products I would look up at Rimmel's Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Crayon in Tempting Turquoise or Paranoid Purple or MAC eyepencil in Auto-De-Blu.

Cheeks | Swap Pinks for Corals
I love coral blushes, but I always feel they aren't quite the thing for winter so I stick to my dusky pinks. But Spring is back and so are the corals! They brighten the face and give you a bit more of a glow and summer time look. These are also beautiful paired with highlighters. I pop my highlighter on my cheek bone, up to my hair line and then pop my coral blush on the apples of my cheeks, and then dust lightly up to the highline. I love Topshop's Cream Blush in Head over Heels, Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Tipsy or Stila Convertible Colours in Camellia.

Face | Swap BB for CC
Beauty Balms have been all the range for the past year, but a new age has come through recently focusing on Colour Correctors, or CC creams. Basically, they are tinted creams to help combat dullness, tired skin or redness. These can be used as bases or foundations as well, just like BB creams. Who knows, maybe there will be DD creams next... One CC cream I have been using is the L'Oreal Nude Magique CC Cream for £9.99.

What trends will you be adopting this Spring time? 

17 April 2013

How I Style | Spring Florals

If there is one thing Spring means for fashion - it's that florals are out in full swing. it's been a little while since I've done a "How I Style" so I thought this was the perfect opportunity...

Picnic with Friends
These H&M trousers are the perfect mix of patterned and flattering. The colours are gorgeous and this lace crop top sets it off perfect, ready to keep you cool. Team that with a floppy hat and sandals and you're set for your girly picnic!

Shopping with the Girls
Distressed jeans are all the range at the moment and are the perfect combo with girly florals, a great balance. These bright red pumps and bag bring out the colours in the floral tee and gives it that definite spring pop of colour.

Date with the Boy
I absolutely love this dress. The colours and shade are so perfectly perfect. Definitely 50's chic, sexy and classy all at the same time. These pink/nude heels are a great pair, elongating your legs and this cute heart bangle is defintitely one for a date.

I love florals. It is one of my favourite prints and is always certain to cheer me up in a bad mood - yay for spring florals!

How would you style these situations?

15 April 2013

Skin Care | Nivea Express Hydration Primer


Once upon a time there was a girl, who had annoying skin that changed it's mind every day on what it wanted to be. It can be dry, it can be oily, it can just be god damn annoying. One day this girl heard about a little product from her favourite moisturising brand Nivea that would not only moisturise her skin, but prime it as well. So she went, she bought and she never looked back.

Okay, so yeah - weird story but you  know, I thought I would try something different. So I went and bought this little pot of gelly like goodness. It has a very weird consistency... It's halfway between a cream and a gel and is actually quite fun to jiggle around. So jelly like and story telling aside... I pop this on my face after my Effaclar Duo and before my foundation. It absorbs quickly and easily and is incredibly easy and light to apply.

So there are two main questions. Question one, does it moisturise? Yes. It really does, it is incredibly light for a moisturiser and I love the feeling. My skin feels incredibly soft afterwards. Question two, does it increase how long your make up stays on for? Yes. Not only is my skin soft, it is made up for the entire day.

Overall, this is definitely a game changer. I love this product and for the price it's really a no brainer. I would definitely recommend this. Go go go! This is the one for normal/combination skin and there is also a version for dry/sensitive skin - so there is one for all skin types!

Have you tried this product? What Nivea products do you love?

13 April 2013

Lifestyle | Spring Me

Despite the weather denying it - we are in fact in Spring. YAY! Yes okay, snow in spring seems a little farfetched so maybe I'll call in - Winting. Yes, welcome to Winting! Anywho, it is now Winting (Spring) which usually calls for a Spring Clean... I am doing this, but this post is about a spring clean on myself - a new spring me if you will and all the things I either need to start doing... Or stop doing...

Wish me luck...

1. Schedule my skin care...
This sounds silly, but I am awful when it comes to skin care. I don't take my make up off every night and I don't cleanse. I don't use a mask once a week and I'm just plain lazy. So - from now on I vow to remove my make up every night and cleanse, and use a mask once a week. I also vow to put moisturiser on every night as well to stop dry skin!

2. Experiment with make up...
I tend to wear the same make up every day in the same way. I work in a shop so it's not a great place to experiement and our MD is stuffy on appearance so it's kind of hard to be different and experiment every day. However, I am vowing that I will do my eyes differently everyday and wear four different lipsticks a week. I tend to get stuck in a rut with make up so this will help me switch it up!

3. Take care of my hair...
As you may know I've just had a major hair change (for me anyway) so it's the perfect time to overhaul my hair care routine and products and switch it to something that's really going to work and suit me. I've been getting a flaky scalp lately so I need to find a shampoo/conditioner set to help combat this. I also need to start using hair masks - and rebuy a clarifying shampoo. Since I've run out of my BB Sunday Shampoo my hair is definitely missing this.

4. Wardrobe Clearout...
This is probably the toughest thing I will be doing. I plan on getting rid of abour 50% of my clothes. EEK! The reason being I just don't wear most of it! Lately I have been in a jeans/jumper rut. I have so many nice dresses that I could wear so I just need a bit of an outfit overhaul. I have far too many things I don't wear and I have some gorgeous things I need to wear more!

5. Tone up...
I don't go to the gym as I think it's overpriced. I would love to do the exercise classes but again - ridiculously overpriced in my opinion. I love Zumba, but overpriced. So - I want to start running at least three times a week. Now I am going from doing no exercise at all, to running three times a week so I know it is going to take time and if anyone has any pointers I'd appreciate it... But basically, it will probably kill me but I know it will be worth it. I know I'm not fat, and I like that I am curvy, but I could also do with toning a few areas up so here we go!

So there we go - let us all hope that I keep it up, but from now on there is a new Spring me.. Or Winting Me *grins*

What would you change to be a new Spring you? Do we like the name Winting or should I just let it go...

12 April 2013

Make Up | Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation


So here is the last of my drugstore foundation tries in a while. I need to stop buying them or I will have an entire box filled with discarded foundations. Anywho, I bought this at the same time as my Revlon Nearly Naked, which you all know I did fall a little bit in love with, so when I started using this I was adament it wasn't going to top that one. Well, shows what I know.

This is a thicker foundation than the Nearly Naked and it provides slightly more coverage, so it's definitely  preferably for winter/autumn or when you just need that extra bit of coverage. It's a yellow toned foundation, so it will never be the perfect colour for my skin but this comes pretty damn close. Once it's blended in you honestly cannot tell it's a different tone, which I love.

It boasts "Fruit Therapy", which basically means it contains extracts from four different fruits to help boost your skins radiance. Firstly we have apricot for radiance, melon for hydration, apple as an anti-oxidant and ginger for energy. Now I don't know if this actually works - but what I do know is that when I use this my skin looks fresh, even and honestly I just love how it makes it look. It makes it look slightly dewy as well, which isn't usually something I like but this is so subtle it just gives it a touch of radiance.

I was a bit worried as my previous attempt with a Bourjois foundation (123 Perfect) didn't go so well - it dried my skin out and just didn't last. I didn't need to worry - there is no drying at all and it lasts all day. I wouldn't say it lasts 16hours, but it gets me through work without any touch ups so I'm not going to complain. It doesn't aggitate my oily skin, so no break outs and it smells A-M-A-ZING. The nicest spelling foundation I think I have ever tried. I blame the fruits for this. Yum.

So yeah, as much as I love the Revlon Nearly Naked, I think this literally just takes the lead. I think for cold weather months this is great. I will go back to Nearly Naked when it starts getting warmer as I think this will be a touch too heavy, but overall - we like!

Have you tried Bourjois's Healthy Mix foundation? Do you like the range?


11 April 2013

Make Up | Sewlomax Make Up Bags



I always seem to carry my make up around with me. I stay at the boys at least once or twice a week so it is just easier to keep it all in the same place all the time, and just swap in and out bits that I'm changing for newbies - or just a different colour of lipstick.

Up until recently I've been using a Cath Kidston wash bag, which was great - just a tad big. So when I was sent this gorgeous canvas make up bag from Selowex I was over the moon. It came in a gift box, tied with ribbon and nestled inside lovely pink tissue paper was my new bag.

I'd never really thought of having a canvas one, but this is actually perfect and hand embroided on the front is the very cute and lisa-ish design of nail varnishes. I was tempted to keep some of mine in here but quickly realised I'd be devastated if one broke and ruined my new bag - so instead it has become my overnight cosmetics bag! It is deceivingly bit - I think of it like a Mary Poppins bag as no matter how much I pop in here, I still have space - magic!

I would definitely recommend checking this brand out. The bags are gorgeous and totally eco friendly. I am coveting the cupcake washbag and one of their tote bags. The designer, Emma (follow her on Twitter here) is also a real sweetheart. What more could you want? They also offer a bespoke service for that extra personal touch. This little beauty will set you back £30, not bad considering how long it will last and just how long I will use it for. Plus - HOW GORGEOUS IS IT!

As you can see I'm very happy with mine... Which would you choose?

10 April 2013

Outfit | Wearing a Conscious

cardigan: topshop | dress: H&M Conscious Collection | Earrings: Forever 21 | Nails: Barry M Lychee

Hello summer-ish outfit. I bought this cute, gorgeous little dress when I went to Cardiff over Easter weekend. It was a very very reasonable £12.99 and I just love the pattern across the top. I managed to convince myself that by buying it I was helping the world. So off I went to buy it. It's very light so perfect for summer, but it's working at the moment as it has a slip attached to the skirt of the dress so it's not too airy which is nice. This old Topshop cardigan adds a great pop of colour.

I've used another new buy from Cardiff on my nails, Barry M Lychee - part of their Gelly collection it's such a great "foundation" shade for the nails and happens to match this dress perfect. Happy times!

H&M have some great pieces in their Conscious collection at the moment and it's so hard to pick some pieces. I love that they have Vanessa Paradis (former Mrs Johnny Depp) modelling the collection as well, such a gorgeous model - hoping I look like her when i'm her age!!!

What items from the Conscious collection are you coveting?

9 April 2013

Skincare | Skinetica


I was kindly sent this lovely skin care product to try out, and for the past month I've been giving it a go. It boasts that it does exactly what it says on the bottle - it clears you skin up with no side effects. I was curious, could such a thing actually exist? So I put it to the test.

You use it twice a day, so I do it in the morning before I pop on my moisturiser and in the evening after I've cleansed/taken my make up off. I use a cotton pad to wipe over the affected areas, or those areas that I know usually go bad (o hi chin, I hate you) and let it dry by itself.

Now, I'm very cautious about saying something is perfect for my skin - I am of the opinion there there is no such thing after trying dozens of products - however this comes pretty damn close. Within a week of using it my skin had cleared considerably. Any little blighters that looked to be coming up instantly backed down and scurried away and any spots that were too far along to leave, appeared less angry and did disappear quicker than they usually do.

Since it helped to clear my skin it has helped to keep impurities at bay and I am enjoying, for perhaps the first time ever, good clear skin at the moment. Yes I do still get a couple of occassional blighters, but they are fewer and further in between.

I would definitely check them out, it's a fab product and I have fallen deeply in love with it - they do offer a free sample online here so if you still aren't sold give it a try (they do need you to pay £1 for P&P though). It's available from this website internationally so you guys oversea can give this a go as well! For only £9.99 you really can't go wrong.

Have you tried skinetica? what spot treatments do you live by?

8 April 2013

Make Up | L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara


I finally caved to the hype and bought this mascara. Now, I know you're all going to think I am crazy when I say this but - this is the first full size mascara I have bought in 3 years. No kidding. I usually use the small free samples I get or buy the travel size versions (if they have them). I just find it easy to find one I like, and cheap. But I thought no - it's time to be grown up and buy a big girl mascara. So I did, and I thought what better one to cave to then the much hyped Telescopic mascara from L'Oreal.

So, I didn't buy the waterproof one as I read this wasn't as fab as the normal one and I got it in "Magnetic Black" (I'm a black mascara gal). I like the packaging, I think it's simple, chic and it's not trying too hard to be in your face. I'm not a huge fan of in your face. The brush reminds me of an hour glass shape - I'm not an expert on brush shapes but this one is meant to stretch your lashes for an intense look that lasts all day.

Ok, so to begin with I wasn't wild about it, I thought it made my lashes look a touch spidery, but I soon realised that is because my lashes were in quite bad condition, so as soon as I started conditioning them with my Liz Earle Mascara Base this mascara really came into its own. It elongates my lashes to make them look long and curles, and it works with the conditioner to seperate my lashes. I have stopped using the conditioner this week and it works brilliantly and seperating them on its own as well.

Overall, I'm incredibly sold on this product. It is definitely worth the hype and I'm really glad I decided to grow up and buy a big girl mascara!

What's your favourite drugstore mascara?

6 April 2013

Hair | New Cut

I did it - I said I would and I did it! I don't think many people believe I would actually do it when I said I would, which just made me more determined to do it! So here it is - my new bob! I didn't reallty intend on it being a bob, but a bob is what it is and honestly, I'm so glad I did it.

So what did I have done? Well, I went in and showed her a picture of the cut I liked and the inspiration for it (see post here). We then discussed length and style. I said I needed to have layers in my hair or it's a disaster, and length wise I told her to just do it - we agreed on just resting on the shoulders. Colour wise, I asked for some natural-esk highlights - like I'd just been on holiday. What she did was take my hair and showed me the tips which are generally lighter than my roots. They were actually quite light so we decided to aim for that colour of highlights - I believe the word "caramel" was used. So off she went and this is the result!

I'm still getting used to it - it's very different (before and after instagrams above) but I am happy with it. I've never had it this short before so it was a bit of a shock and honestly I think it's a little bit shorter than I had in mind - but I can't blame my hairdresser as it's the same length as the picture so! After I washed and dried it myself I am a lot happier with it and to be honest, I am loving it. I think it actually really suits me and yes, I miss the length, but I am very very happy with the cut and shape.

I LOVE the colour. It's perfect and exactly what I wanted, it's subtle enough to look like that's how it should be, but different enough for those who know me to know it's been done (if any of that made sense). This colour will definitely be staying.

I would love some advice on how to look after highlighted hair/shorter hair... Definitely pop some hints and tips below with some products! I would also love to know what you think!

What do you think? Any product recommendations?

5 April 2013

Video | March Favourites

It's my first video since October - OMG! Just a few reasons why which I won't bore you with - but I love making videos and am definitely going to get into the habit of doing them more again! I thought it would be great to come back with a favourite - something else I haven't done for ages so voila! My March favourites!! Click here to see the video and I hope you enjoy! I have some more coming up already so definitely getting back into the filming bug - please let me know if there are any videos you would like to see as well!

3 April 2013

Hair | Inspiration

So I am getting my hair cut today... Like, cut cut. Really cut. Like above length cut. Eek. I've been every hair colour you can think of... blonde, brown, blonde, brown, black, red, brown, blonde, brown, red and it goes on and on...
And I have had it cut short before - however this is a bit shorter than I think I have ever been before but actually - I'm incredibly excited. I'm also having some natural highlights put through it as well, just to go completely different.

When I went to see Safe Haven (loved it) I fell in love with Julianne Hough's hair (above) and I've been lusting after it ever since. It's a very simple cut with long layers and just looks a lot easier to maintain than my lion mane at the moment! I know I won't actually look like her (I wish) once it is done.. But this is definitely my inspiration behind getting it cut. I just need a change!

I have put below some of my favourite hair moments from the past - I'm having a hair reminising day so bare with me!

Curly blonde fringe (18) | Long and dark (19) | Natural (21) | Short brown and curly (20) | Long with a stupid blonde fringe (18) | Long with natural Australian highlights (21) | LONG straight and naturally ombred (22) | Mid length fringe and brown (21) | Shorter, browner (22)

I definitely prefer having natural highlights in my hair. I loved the colour of my hair when I came back from Australia, it was just so natural and has great texture and waves. Length wise, I do probably prefer it longer - but when I've had it cut shorter before it's been due to accidental dye jobs ruining my hair, or just bad hair - this time I'm doing it for me. I need a change and I need to taker control over something in my life - so hair it is!

I will pop up a photo on twitter when it is all cut and finished - hopefully I will like it - and I will definitely pop up a post about my updated hair routine as well... So, wish me luck with the cut eek!!

2 April 2013

Skincare | Superdug Vitamin E Skin Oil


I was a bit nervous about this. I have oily/combination skin - so basically my cheeks and chin can get quite oily, but my nose and bridge can be quite dry and my moisturiser just wasn't cutting it in terms of sorting out my dry bits on the bridge. It was perfect at keeping the oil at bay but I needed something a little bit more targetted to sorting my nose/bridge out.

I saw a review on this (I can't remember where sorry!) and thought I might give skin oil a try. As I said, I was a bit nervous but I thought as long as I don't use it on my oily bits I will be fine. And honestly, this little thing has turned my skin around.

I use this every evening on my bridge and around the creases of my nose, making sure it fully absorbs - I don't want any excess oil seeping into my cheeks. Firstly, I love the smell. It reminds me of marzipan and is incredibly scrummy. It does absorb easily and quickly and doesn't look or feel too greasy which was another worry of mine.

Basically, after about a week of use I saw a huge difference. My skin no longer looked dry and my make up didn't stick to the dry skin. It looked smooth and bright - yay skin oil! Not only that but it didn't make this area oily or greasy at all and didn't aggravate my skin.. Score! I would definitely repurchase this after I run out. I could not live without this and it's such a handy size as well to carry around and travel with, or to just to pop in my handbag for touch ups. Bring it on dry skin!! I have the perfect antidote...!

Have you tried skin oils before? Which ones would you recommend?
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