15 April 2013

Skin Care | Nivea Express Hydration Primer


Once upon a time there was a girl, who had annoying skin that changed it's mind every day on what it wanted to be. It can be dry, it can be oily, it can just be god damn annoying. One day this girl heard about a little product from her favourite moisturising brand Nivea that would not only moisturise her skin, but prime it as well. So she went, she bought and she never looked back.

Okay, so yeah - weird story but you  know, I thought I would try something different. So I went and bought this little pot of gelly like goodness. It has a very weird consistency... It's halfway between a cream and a gel and is actually quite fun to jiggle around. So jelly like and story telling aside... I pop this on my face after my Effaclar Duo and before my foundation. It absorbs quickly and easily and is incredibly easy and light to apply.

So there are two main questions. Question one, does it moisturise? Yes. It really does, it is incredibly light for a moisturiser and I love the feeling. My skin feels incredibly soft afterwards. Question two, does it increase how long your make up stays on for? Yes. Not only is my skin soft, it is made up for the entire day.

Overall, this is definitely a game changer. I love this product and for the price it's really a no brainer. I would definitely recommend this. Go go go! This is the one for normal/combination skin and there is also a version for dry/sensitive skin - so there is one for all skin types!

Have you tried this product? What Nivea products do you love?


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