3 April 2013

Hair | Inspiration

So I am getting my hair cut today... Like, cut cut. Really cut. Like above length cut. Eek. I've been every hair colour you can think of... blonde, brown, blonde, brown, black, red, brown, blonde, brown, red and it goes on and on...
And I have had it cut short before - however this is a bit shorter than I think I have ever been before but actually - I'm incredibly excited. I'm also having some natural highlights put through it as well, just to go completely different.

When I went to see Safe Haven (loved it) I fell in love with Julianne Hough's hair (above) and I've been lusting after it ever since. It's a very simple cut with long layers and just looks a lot easier to maintain than my lion mane at the moment! I know I won't actually look like her (I wish) once it is done.. But this is definitely my inspiration behind getting it cut. I just need a change!

I have put below some of my favourite hair moments from the past - I'm having a hair reminising day so bare with me!

Curly blonde fringe (18) | Long and dark (19) | Natural (21) | Short brown and curly (20) | Long with a stupid blonde fringe (18) | Long with natural Australian highlights (21) | LONG straight and naturally ombred (22) | Mid length fringe and brown (21) | Shorter, browner (22)

I definitely prefer having natural highlights in my hair. I loved the colour of my hair when I came back from Australia, it was just so natural and has great texture and waves. Length wise, I do probably prefer it longer - but when I've had it cut shorter before it's been due to accidental dye jobs ruining my hair, or just bad hair - this time I'm doing it for me. I need a change and I need to taker control over something in my life - so hair it is!

I will pop up a photo on twitter when it is all cut and finished - hopefully I will like it - and I will definitely pop up a post about my updated hair routine as well... So, wish me luck with the cut eek!!


  1. Blonde and long don't cut it :(


    1. Haha sorry guys it went! thanks though :) x


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