25 April 2013

Skincare | B. Pure Micellar Water

B. PURE MICELLAR WATER £3.99 (available from Superdrug)

I am a big lover of Bioderma and their products have been raved about and highly anticipated to be launched in the UK. It has now been launched, but while I was waiting I was on a hunt for a micellar water that was more readily available.

This is described as a "super water"; it cleanses, removing impurities and make up, tones by restoring the pH balance in the skin and refreshes with cucumber extract. I use this in the evening to remove my make up, the idea being that it breaks the make up down as opposed to just wiping it off.

I've found that this solution is great at removing my make up quickly and easily, you just need to saturate a large cotton pad and wipe your face. It doesn't tend to dry out my skin and it leaves it looking fresh and I feel refreshed. It's a very nice product at an incredibly reasonable price.

Compared to Bioderma, I still think Bioderma is the better product in terms of make up removal, but B.Pure is still a really great product and I definitely wanna try some more of their products.

What micellar waters do you use?


  1. I have just finished my bottle of this & I really liked it. It was gentle but really effective at removing my makeup. I will be repurchasing for sure

    1. I am liking it, very nice product :) I definitely want to check out more of their products! x

  2. I love this water. I'm never going to fork out for Bioderma when this to me seems like it does the same thing. It's amazing x

    1. For me Bioderma is a bit better, but this is still great so I think it's a great dupe! x


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