31 August 2013

Outfit | Totally Blue

shirt: new look | jeans: topshop | necklace: accessorize | lips: Mac Pink Nouveau

I have had this shirt for years - I can't even remember how long and I go through different phases of wearing it or not. In this instance, this is probably my favourite way to wear it. It's quite a long shirt, and goes quite tight over the bum, so I like to tuck it into my jeans and have it slightly baggy around the line.

It's super casual, yet can be dressed up really easily. I've popped some green and gold jewellery with it - I love mixing blues and greens, but I mainly do it to break up the blueness.
On the lips is a blue toned pink from Mac, one of my faves and again - breaks up the blue and brings a bit of colour pop. Looove it. 

I'm not a huge fashionista - which is mainly why I don't do many outfit posts - but jeans and a top tend to be my uniform these days and this is a classic over at T&M.

How do you style shirts?


30 August 2013

Any Size | Dungarees

Dungarees seem to be such a summer staple this year - definitely takes me back to my youth (yes I sound like an oldie). This week I have some GORGEOUS bloggers... Again, missing my size 14 - girls where are you?! But lets see who we do have... Two repeats and a beaut newbie!

Size 8 | Paige from Paige Joanna
A brand new BEAUT of a blogger for dungarees, I love the yellow shirt underneath and the quirky twist - the clash of yellow and red with the softness of the denim and the hat makes this girl look super stylish and so much fun.

Size 10 | Chelsea from Through Chelsea's Eyes
Back again! We love having Chelsea here! Here she works the boyish look with her dungarees, with the element of hotness with the stripey crop top - she is definitely looking hot and shows how dungarees can be sexy as well as slouchy.

Size 12 |  Ally from Tea Toast and Daisy Chains
Her second week running - she's on a roll and I'm happy to have her! Having stolen her boys jeans (love it) she is rocking this look. Popping some stripes and the adorable head scarf, it's great. Showing a tom boy edge with the girlishness of the scarf, really works for me.

Big thank you to these girlies, have loved having them and I've loved seeing the shoots from this any size - I've not gone into this trend yet but hey, you never know. If you want to get involved with Any Size let me know... I am sending out an SOS to all those size 14 and over to get in touch - am in desperate need, it's not any size without you gorgeous girls so please give me a shout!

How would you style dungarees?


29 August 2013

The Favourites | 5 under £5

A few weeks ago I did a 10 products under £10 and really enjoyed doing it - and got a great reaction from your guys as well about it. So, I thought I would do the same for under £5. For those who read T&M you may know I am saving for a house this year so bargain products are a must for me, and these are my top 5...

I am a micellar water addict and this is the cheapest one I've tried, and also one of the best. It's a great little make up remover - probably not the best if you have sensitive skin as it is a little harsher than others I've tried - but it works perfectly for me.

The best eyeshadow I use in the entire world. It's a cream one, but not greasy and doesn't crease. Incredibly long lasting a large range of colours. I would recommend these shadows to anyone who asked and insist that you go and buy one now if you don't already have one - go go go!

Another Maybelline product and another cult product. These are basically just lip balms, three of the collections clear and the others tinted. I love the tinted ones and how moisturising they feel. Not 8 hours as promised but for £2.99 what do you expect. I love Pink Punch, fab little lip product.

Bronzer and highlighter all in one, this is such good value for money this product. I love the way it brightens the skin and helps to subtly contour as well, a dupe for Bobbi Brown's shimmer brick and long lasting. I've used this everyday since New Years Eve and it's still going - so much product for your money!

Another cult favourite. A really brilliant little concealer. It's thick enough to cover blemishes, but not too thick to be cakey (we don't do cakiness!). Only three shades available, but it blends very easily and quickly. Really easy to apply and just a great product for the price. 

So yes, I know a lot of these are cult classics and probably expected - but they are cult classics for a reason. These are my top 5 for under a fiver and I love them.

What's your top 5 under £5?


28 August 2013

Make Up | Ultimate Suede Lipstick

You know me, I can't resist a good lipstick deal. There were 2 for £10 in Superdrug, and I'd just watched an episode of Britian & Irelands Next Top Model where they were modeling Revlon lippies, so I felt compelled. I've been intrigued by these lipsticks for while, but the £8.99 price tag just put me off a little, and I'd read a couple of diasppointing review. But I fell in love with the swatches of these two colours.

So, this lipstick is supposed to be both moisturising, infused with shea butter and aloe, and is described as food proof - apply once and go. I found that it's a very smooth formula and really easy to apply and build upon the colour, which is already brilliantly pigmented. At first it goes on with a slight sheer, but goes to a matte finish after a couple of minutes. As with all matte finishes, it does have it's drying qualities, but nothing too severe. Wear time wise, I'd say the boldness lasts for about an hour, and then leaves a stain on your lips as opposed to a bold lippy colour - which isn't necessarily a bad thing as you still have the colour there, it's just not as bold as on application, it is more of a tint.

Finale is probably my favourite of the too. It's a true kind of red, which is great as most of my reds are quite dark, but this is your classic red. I did find it wasn't as even an application as Trendsetter, but the colour is truly gorgeous.
Trendsetter was my first choice, and I do love it. It's a berryish pink and when completely dry it's a gorgeous deep colour that is what I would describe as pomegranate. A much more even application then Finale, but not quite as wearable.

So... overall I do really like these, they are a great matte lipstick that isn't too drying and gorgeous colour pay off. I would recommend these, but if you do have lips that don't go well with drying lipsticks I would stay away from these, and make sure you do prep your lips before hand.

Have you tried these lipsticks? Which would you choose?


27 August 2013

Make Up | My MAC Lipsticks

In December I bought my first MAC lipstick in New York. Since then I've been addicted, slightly. Trying to be a good girl but let's face it - what kind of a blogger would I be if I didn't succumb whenever I had the chance! So far I have 6... I promised myself when I got to 5 I'd do a little collective post - but then number 6 just snowballed so now it's 6 lippies! So here we go... In the order of which I bought them...!

Viva Glam V neutral pink with pearl
This was my first and I got it in Saks, 5th Avenue New York. I just couldn't not get one out there! Basically I went to the counter, was overwhelmed and just asked the sales guy for help. He suggested as a first one to get an everyday colour that I'd wear all the time - and Viva Glam V was what he came up with. A lustre lipstick it's got a slight shimmer finish, but is a great everyday pink with a little something extra.

Plumful blossoming rose-plum
My last trip to Cardiff to visit the brother and his girlfriend, Hanah, I made her trall around the shops with me to find the nearest MAC counter. I don't live near one normally so I was determined! I'd seen Plumful reviewed a few times so went straight for this and tried it out. I instantly fell in love with it. It's a gorgeous berry with a lustre finish and incredibly wearable. Something totally different for me but I love it.

Crosswires clean pinky orange
I had a list of lippies that I wanted, and then I saw Crosswires on Estee's blog and next thing you know I've crept onto the website and ordered this without thinking. Whoops. So glad I did though as I LOVE this colour. It's a deep bright coral that's incredibly wearing, not overly bright, and just o so perdy. If you are looking for a darker coral I would definitely recommend this cremesheen beauty.

Fanfare mid-tone yellow pink
I'd wanted this one for a long while before I bought it. I had loads of "my lips but better" shades so I held off, but eventually I succumbed. It's a neutral pink that can be worn everyday, and has a lovely subtle sheen finish. This is probably my most worn. I tend to wear this to work most days as they are a tad strict on appearance, so this is definitely my fave everyday shade.

Pink Nouveau bright pink
I don't really know why I bought this. I was just browsing and decided I wanted something that wasn't being hyped, or that I hadn't seen talked about. Yes weird I know. Anyway, I went for this as I was intrigued by the pink and I love it. It's like an 80s pop pink, very different, but very wearable and I love the satin finish to this. 

Coral Bliss frosted light coral
Okay, so this is actually my favourite. I bought this at Gatwick duty free - actually looking for Costa Chic - but I swatched this and instantly fell in love. As I was on my way to holiday I figured it would be the perfect shade for sun and it was. It's a gorgeous light peachy coral, with a subtle sheen to it. Not the longest lasting but a nice everyday summer shade that I'm addicted to.

What Mac lipstick should I get next?


26 August 2013

Make Up | Stila Convertible Color

I've seen these around and about on blogs, here and there, and it's not really been something I've felt compelled to buy - maybe because it's not a lipstick who knows. But anyway, I was in a Boots and saw a Stila counter and thought I'd give it a play. I swatched Lillium and fell n love immediately. Described as a "rose pinky peach" it is exactly that.

As with my other cream blushes, I used my finger to apply and I have to say it's not as easy to blend into the cheeks as other cream blushes I've tried, it feels a bit stiff when it comes to blending - it needs warmed up a bit first. Once applied it leaves a lovely natural dewy finish that lasts for a good few hours. I would buy another shade, but I think considering how hard it is to blend it's quite a pricey product. If I could find an easy way to apply this it would be a fab product.

I love the packaging, I think it's so incredibly cute and I really like the cardboard casing - as did Arthur...

He decided he was incredibly curious during photo taking session!

Have you tried Stila's convertible colors? What's your favourite shade?


25 August 2013

Life | Southampton Meet Up

Yesterday I went off to my first ever bloggers meet up - exciting and also very nerve wracking! The lovely Hannah organised the meet up with help from mycurves&me for the goody bags.
I hopped on the train with the gorgeous and incredibly lovely Paige (go see her blog and vote for her in the Cosmo Awards) and headed to Southampton. It was the first time we'd met eek, but we are now officially travel buddies!

The meet up was at the Orange Rooms in Bedford Place, Southampton. It's a great place and lunch was so good, I had a Chicken Nacho wrap - it all came in little carton boxes which I loved - made it so much easier to eat on the sofas. Anyway, after a few ice breakers and introductions we were well on the way to chatting, gossiping and have henna's done by Leanne. It was a really lovely meet up and I'm so glad I got to go. If you are new to blogging, or a seasoned blogger I would definitely recommend going to a meet up - I met some lovely lovely bloggers and was so nice to meet like minded people.

Only downside? Well, I walked from my house to the station in cute little heels - so hello blisters! Poor Paige had to walk back to the station with me and my bare feet! So when I got home Arthur was welcome to chew them up for me...

I was a bit naughty and didn't take my camera - forgot :( so I've only got a couple instragram pics above. Can't wait for the next one!

Have you ever been to a meet up?


24 August 2013

Make Up | Extravagant Volume Mascara

Before I went on my hols I was on the hunt for a waterproof mascara - now I have L'Oreal Telescopic Waterproof, but I wanted to try something a bit different. I had a No7 voucher so decided to treat myself. As always, I got it in black. Sow how did I get on?

This is qutie a big brush, with thin bristles all over and on the end of the brush as well to help get all the little lashes. I found this to give such a natural look of elongated lashes, it pulls them up and curls them - making them longer and seperating all the lashes. I also found this to be perfect as a bottom eye mascara.

It's really long lasting as well, not smudging in water and also just generally staying put throughout the entire day. A tad pricey as a mascara for a drugstore product, but it is a really good mascara and has taken over as my daily coating from Telescopic.

Have you tried any of No7's mascaras? What's your favourite?


23 August 2013

Any Size | White Dress


As you can see I am missing one size, unfortunately I couldn't find anyone to do size 14 for me, but we still have three gorgeous ladies showing us how to style their little white dress - a summer staple for sure for any size...

Size 8 | Callie from cllrs
I love this dress. Teaming her little white dress with denim is a classic summer look that you cannot go wrong with, popped with her ankle boots toughens the look and keeps it chic and stylish.

Size 10 | Chelsea from Through Chelseas Eyes
One of my fave ever bloggers and regular any sizers, Chelsea looks gorgeous in this 50s style prom dress. It's the perfect summer evening dress, simple accessories and fab wavy hair. Love this look, hello tiny waist!

Size 12 | Ally from Tea Toast and Daisy Chains
Ally is putting a fab twist on the little white dress, putting it with a classic blazer but make the entire look seem very rock and roll. Really suits her and I love the twist on this.

A big thank you to all three girlies, you'll be seeing Chelsea and Ally again next week - be excited!!
If you are interested in getting involved let me know, in particular I need more size 14's for Any Size..! 

What's your fave look? How do you style your white dress?


22 August 2013

Outfit | Not a Saints Fan

top: topshop | jeans: topshop | necklace as bracelet: topshop | lips: revlon colorstay suede lipstick in finale

First I need to explain the name. I may have accidently worn this to Southampton on the first day of the Premiership, with my boyfriend - who happened to be wearing an actual Saints shirt. This happened to look like I was also supporting Southampton. So no, not a Saints fan! Just an unfortunate coincidence.

So, I bought this breton style crop top, thinking it would be longer, not a crop top, but there you go. It came like this and I do still like it. Probably not the most flattering on me in these photos but I think it looks nice in real life. I also managed to match my lips with this gorgeous lippy from Revlon, part of their ColorStay Suede Lipstick collection in the shade of Finale. Really seems to match it well!

How do you match your lips and outfit?


21 August 2013

Make Up | Baby Lips

Yup, so it happened. I caved to the hype and went and bought myself two of Maybelline's much coveted Baby Lips lip balm. 
If you weren't aware, these have just popped over from the US and the UK has gone crazy over them, which considering they are pretty much just a lip gloss seems a bit much but - are they worth the hype? They give intense care, 8 hours hydration and 20 SPF. There's 6 in the collection, 3 of which are clear and provide different types of care, and the other 3 are tinted balms.

I bought two of the tinted ones, Pink Punch and Peach Kiss. Pink Punch is a lovely baby pink, and Peach Kiss is a nude peach colour with a touch of shimmer to it. Both are silky smooth to apply and feel very hydrating on the lips. They have the real feel of a balm - not a gloss or lipstick an can be applied easily without a mirror - again just like a balm.

In terms of the hype it's received - I wouldn't say it was worth all of it. It's a lovely lip balm, I cannot deny that, and I do really like them and will be purchasing the rest at some point. For £2.99 they are great value and I would definitely recommend them. What I would say is don't expect them to change your life - they really are just tinted balms. But very nice ones.

Have you tried Baby Lips? What's your favourite?


20 August 2013

Make Up | Colour Tattoo in On & On Bronze

Yes, I know, I am ridiculously late jumping on this bandwagon. I don't know why but everytime I popped one in my basket, it would find its way back out of the basket before I hit the checkout. So when I popped into Superdrug recently I put it in, and kept it there, telling myself it was about time I tried one! Let's face it, a £4.99 eyeshadow isn't really doing to break the bank.

So, this is a cream gel eyeshadow that is long lasting and comes in metallic shimmery shades. It's also meant to last for 24 hours (as the name suggests). I got On & On Bronze because I tend to wear this type of colour on my eyes all the bloody time, it's very predictable but hey, it works. I do also really want to try Everlasting Navy as well though, I am a navy lover!

So what did I think? Well, it's easy to apply - however I use my fingers and my nails keep digging into it which isn't ideal, but apart from my fingers I just can't get to grip with any other type of brush with cream shadows. Anywho, it glides onto the lids easily and blends like nothing else I've used, it's lovely and smooth. The colour is a gorgeous bronze that helps bring out the brown in my eyes. Longevity wise, it lasts for hooours and what I love most - it does NOT crease. I find cream shadows tend to gather in the creases, but this doesn't at all and I love it for that.

Overall, I am so glad I FINALLY bought this. It's a great little product and I will definitely be picking up more shades.

Have you tried these eyeshadows? What's your favourite shade? 


19 August 2013

Trends | Matching Lips and Nails

This was purely by accident. I painted my nails my new Barry M shade of Pomegranate, then I popped on one of my new lippys from Revlon, Ultimate Suede range in Trendsetter, and then I looked at myself and OH! Look at me my lips are matching my nails... And I loved the affect.

The most colourful part of my make up is always my lips and nails, so really it should just make sense that it matches. My eyes usually stay a fairly neautral colour, with some black liner somewhere, so really my lips need to be that little bit different. This shade from Revlon is a gorgeous raspberry pink, the right mix of red and pink in a matte, suede finish. Long lasting and oh so incredibly gorgeous. Team that with Pomegranate, from Barry M's oh so durable Gelly range and voila. You have yourself a perfect match.

This is quite a nifty little trend, and one I will defintely be trying again - and on purpose this time! 

Do you match your nails and lips?

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