10 August 2013

Body | L'Occitane Shower Oil

This was one of my duty free purchases from my hols and omg - it's amazeballs. I've never said amazeballs in my life eek. Anywho, I'd seen a few reviews on this aaaages ago and when I saw it I was like why not! Just give it a whirl. So?

I popped in the shower, and on contact with water it foams up like a normal shower gel - but a bit thicker, which was NOT what I expected, but pleasantly surprised! Lather all over and it honestly feels like luxury. Yes, it's a pricey piece of shower stuff so it should feel like luxury, but I felt really pampered after using this. I couldn't smell almond too much, which isn't a bad thing for me as I'm not a huge fan of the smell.

Overall, I love this. My skin feels really pampered and moisturised, silky silky soft and just overall a really fab, but incredibly pricey, product. I wouldn't buy it again just because of the price - but I am definitely on the lookout for a good dupe!

What shower oils would you recommend?



  1. I have heard lovely things about this Shower Oil - It looks so luxurious.

    1. it is sooooo nice, shame about the price tag really! x


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