31 August 2013

Outfit | Totally Blue

shirt: new look | jeans: topshop | necklace: accessorize | lips: Mac Pink Nouveau

I have had this shirt for years - I can't even remember how long and I go through different phases of wearing it or not. In this instance, this is probably my favourite way to wear it. It's quite a long shirt, and goes quite tight over the bum, so I like to tuck it into my jeans and have it slightly baggy around the line.

It's super casual, yet can be dressed up really easily. I've popped some green and gold jewellery with it - I love mixing blues and greens, but I mainly do it to break up the blueness.
On the lips is a blue toned pink from Mac, one of my faves and again - breaks up the blue and brings a bit of colour pop. Looove it. 

I'm not a huge fashionista - which is mainly why I don't do many outfit posts - but jeans and a top tend to be my uniform these days and this is a classic over at T&M.

How do you style shirts?



  1. Your lipstick is lovely!
    I really like greens and blues, too :)

    Jess xo

    1. Thanks hun :) definitely one of my fave lippies!
      L xx


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