9 August 2013

Any Size | Maxi Dress

It's back! Any Size has had a bit of a hiatus for many different reasons - non of which I'll bored you with, all you need to know is... it's back! This week I've decided to go with Maxi dresses - a style that seriously anyone can wear, any size and it's so versatile. So let's take a peek at what the ladies have popped together this week!

Size 8 | Angharad from Style Trunk
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A truly gorgeous dress and a new take on maxi - maxi sleeves, maxi skirt, definitely maxi print. I love it and makes her look teeny tiny. Gorgeous gorgeous example.

Size 10 | Lisa from Topaz & May
Done when I have longer hair, but I love the bright colour of this dress and the way it comes in at the waist, showing curves by creating an hourglass figure.

Size 12 | Sarah from Friday is Forever
Showing you don't need to be a skinny minny for bright colours, this dress looks gorgeous on her, with the tie dye print elongating her figure and making her look amazing.

Size 14: Helen from Helen Hearts
I love this dress, the print is delicate enough that it doesn't overshadow her gorgeous curvy figure. The dress comes in at all the right places to give her a mini waist and a long body.

All these girls are gorgeous and rock this look completely! Showing how to wear it for their shape. At the moment I am looking for sizes in crop top, white dress, dungarees and spots. If you're interested in taking part contact me on twitter or by email lisa@topazandmay.com

What's your favourite look?


  1. So glad to see Any Size back, all the girls pull of the maxi dress so well!xx


    1. thanks hun! owuld love to have you take part one day xx

  2. I think all of these dresses look great!


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