21 August 2013

Make Up | Baby Lips

Yup, so it happened. I caved to the hype and went and bought myself two of Maybelline's much coveted Baby Lips lip balm. 
If you weren't aware, these have just popped over from the US and the UK has gone crazy over them, which considering they are pretty much just a lip gloss seems a bit much but - are they worth the hype? They give intense care, 8 hours hydration and 20 SPF. There's 6 in the collection, 3 of which are clear and provide different types of care, and the other 3 are tinted balms.

I bought two of the tinted ones, Pink Punch and Peach Kiss. Pink Punch is a lovely baby pink, and Peach Kiss is a nude peach colour with a touch of shimmer to it. Both are silky smooth to apply and feel very hydrating on the lips. They have the real feel of a balm - not a gloss or lipstick an can be applied easily without a mirror - again just like a balm.

In terms of the hype it's received - I wouldn't say it was worth all of it. It's a lovely lip balm, I cannot deny that, and I do really like them and will be purchasing the rest at some point. For £2.99 they are great value and I would definitely recommend them. What I would say is don't expect them to change your life - they really are just tinted balms. But very nice ones.

Have you tried Baby Lips? What's your favourite?


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