1 August 2013

Life | Holiday Reads

There is one thing that I love to do on holiday - that is read. To me a holiday is sitting by the pool, in the sun, with a good book by my side. Bliss. This holiday was no exception - so let me fill you in on what I read on holiday...

After reading Revenge Wears Prada I searched for any other Weisberger books for holiday. I've read all except this one so downloaded it and it was the first one I read. Honestly, this book took me the longest to read on holiday and it was one of the shortest. It's about a woman called Bette who starts working for a events company and her adventures. It wasn't that it wasn't a great book - it just felt very Devils Wear Prada to me. It had the same underlining story of girl gets new job, job takes over life, alienates her from others, dramatically quits etc. Same formula, but it just didn't work as well for me.

I love Cecelia Ahern. I love her imagination, the way she turns "chick lits" (I hate that name btw) into something a little bit different. It's never just about the romance - it's about the story and the people within it. This is about journalist Kitty who loses her mentor to cancer and has to write her mentors last story from a list of 100 names - and no synopsis. It's gorgeously written, witty, funny and you fall in love with the characters. I loved it. Which showed when it took me all of about 5 (ish) hours to read and finish. Loved it. I would definitely recommend this and I'm already on another of hers.

Basically another vampire saga, with a bit of a difference - as they all our. This one is centered around Giovanni, vampire who can control fire and Beatrice, or B, a mortal - and yes you guessed it, they fall in love. I actually loved this though. The characters, though vampires, are relatable. The relationships are so well portrayed and the books are really well written. For me, this is on a par with Twilight - but with sex. I would definitely recommend this is you like Twilight, but have grown up a bit since then.

Bit of a different post from me, but I do love my books!

What's your top holiday reads?


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