3 August 2013

Life | A Little French Wine

Anyone who knows me knows I can't resist a good wine. Or an average wine. Just any wine really - expect maybe red that is. So when my parents told me there was a little chateau just five minutes walk away from our villa - well I was away!

I popped down with my Dad, Mum and Uncle to see Lauren, son of the owner of Chateau La Voulte Gasparets, a gorgeous little winery that makes a very small selection of wines. One white, one rose and three reds. I got to taste the white, rose and one of the reds. The white was a gorgeous dry fruity drink that's so easy to drink. I'm usually a bit wary of white as I'm not a fan of dry, but this is just the right amount.
The rose is probably one of the nicest wines I've ever tasted. Not dry, but not too fruity, it's gorgeous. Then there was the red I tried, one I could actually drink! Probably the first ever.

We had a look around, took a peek at some of the old machines used to crush grapes - I was incredibly disappointed to see no feet crushing methods. I kinda wanted to try that... Though there is now way I'd want to drink it after my feet had touched it. And this HUGE room full of barrels. Seriously, I was in seventh heaven.

If you go to the Languedoc region I would definitely recommend visiting a chateau. It's a great experience and you get to try some gorgeous local wines. A bit hit for me and the Hearn clan!

Have you ever been wine tasting?


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