28 August 2013

Make Up | Ultimate Suede Lipstick

You know me, I can't resist a good lipstick deal. There were 2 for £10 in Superdrug, and I'd just watched an episode of Britian & Irelands Next Top Model where they were modeling Revlon lippies, so I felt compelled. I've been intrigued by these lipsticks for while, but the £8.99 price tag just put me off a little, and I'd read a couple of diasppointing review. But I fell in love with the swatches of these two colours.

So, this lipstick is supposed to be both moisturising, infused with shea butter and aloe, and is described as food proof - apply once and go. I found that it's a very smooth formula and really easy to apply and build upon the colour, which is already brilliantly pigmented. At first it goes on with a slight sheer, but goes to a matte finish after a couple of minutes. As with all matte finishes, it does have it's drying qualities, but nothing too severe. Wear time wise, I'd say the boldness lasts for about an hour, and then leaves a stain on your lips as opposed to a bold lippy colour - which isn't necessarily a bad thing as you still have the colour there, it's just not as bold as on application, it is more of a tint.

Finale is probably my favourite of the too. It's a true kind of red, which is great as most of my reds are quite dark, but this is your classic red. I did find it wasn't as even an application as Trendsetter, but the colour is truly gorgeous.
Trendsetter was my first choice, and I do love it. It's a berryish pink and when completely dry it's a gorgeous deep colour that is what I would describe as pomegranate. A much more even application then Finale, but not quite as wearable.

So... overall I do really like these, they are a great matte lipstick that isn't too drying and gorgeous colour pay off. I would recommend these, but if you do have lips that don't go well with drying lipsticks I would stay away from these, and make sure you do prep your lips before hand.

Have you tried these lipsticks? Which would you choose?



  1. These are amazing! I own 2 shades :) These shades are great too! I also have a review of It Girl on my blog!


    1. I love it girl :) just bought that one and socialite as well :)
      L xx


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