5 August 2013

Favourites | July

Where the hell did July go?! Seriously, it's like I blinked and it's disappeared. Scary. Anywho, it's that time of year again so here we go - this months favourites! I have some oldies and some newies.. and most are due to my holiday - enjoy!

This eyeshadow helps to create the most simple, yet gorgeous smokey eye. I love this colour and it's perfect for everyday. I love the matte finish as well. This has been gracing my eyes everyday along with another of my faves...

Oh my god. This wins favourite of the month. Maybe even the year. It's the most incredible liner I have ever tried and I would highly recommend it to anyone who was looking for an easy, precise, bold liner. It's perfect, long wearing and my ultimate accessory.

I wore this for the whole of my holiday. It seemed to be completely heat proof, and matched perfectly with my new tan. So easy to apply it was perfect for holidays and long lasting. The perfect summer blush.

I bought this at the duty free and then wore it every evening of the holiday. It's a gorgeous peach coral, cremesheen so not the longest lasting, but it's so pretty. The perfect summer colour and goes gorgeous with a tan.

One I've had for a little while, but it's really come into its own in the hot weather. It seems to survive the hot sweats and oily patches of the face. It's also a little darker than my usual tone so it's perfect for a tanned face. It seems to survive the sticky heat better than most BB creams and other foundations I have.

Again, an oldie and one I hadn't used for a while, but it's graced my cheeks and nose as a highlighter for the past few weeks and it's made a huge difference in terms of longevity of my make up as well.

And not for the reason you think. On holiday I forgot to take powder. So I tried this instead, close eyes and a quick spritz on the face after make up and instantly dried up any sweaty/oily patches and took away all shininess. Was actually perfect for this.

A complete god send on holiday. I popped this on every evening and morning and any red bits soon disappeared into a gorgeous golden brown, and with minimal soreness as well. I also LOVE the smell. It's a great dupe for Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess if you're on a bit of a budget!

What's your July Favourites?



  1. I really like the L'Oreal Lumi Magique Primer - I seem to neglect it but when I remember to use it I love it all over again.

    1. I'm like thaat, it gets forgotten and then suddently i love it again! x


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