29 August 2013

The Favourites | 5 under £5

A few weeks ago I did a 10 products under £10 and really enjoyed doing it - and got a great reaction from your guys as well about it. So, I thought I would do the same for under £5. For those who read T&M you may know I am saving for a house this year so bargain products are a must for me, and these are my top 5...

I am a micellar water addict and this is the cheapest one I've tried, and also one of the best. It's a great little make up remover - probably not the best if you have sensitive skin as it is a little harsher than others I've tried - but it works perfectly for me.

The best eyeshadow I use in the entire world. It's a cream one, but not greasy and doesn't crease. Incredibly long lasting a large range of colours. I would recommend these shadows to anyone who asked and insist that you go and buy one now if you don't already have one - go go go!

Another Maybelline product and another cult product. These are basically just lip balms, three of the collections clear and the others tinted. I love the tinted ones and how moisturising they feel. Not 8 hours as promised but for £2.99 what do you expect. I love Pink Punch, fab little lip product.

Bronzer and highlighter all in one, this is such good value for money this product. I love the way it brightens the skin and helps to subtly contour as well, a dupe for Bobbi Brown's shimmer brick and long lasting. I've used this everyday since New Years Eve and it's still going - so much product for your money!

Another cult favourite. A really brilliant little concealer. It's thick enough to cover blemishes, but not too thick to be cakey (we don't do cakiness!). Only three shades available, but it blends very easily and quickly. Really easy to apply and just a great product for the price. 

So yes, I know a lot of these are cult classics and probably expected - but they are cult classics for a reason. These are my top 5 for under a fiver and I love them.

What's your top 5 under £5?



  1. Love the products, what shade is the seventeen instant glow bronzer?

    1. It's the gold bronze one, think there is a pink bronze one as well :)
      L xx

  2. Am def going to try that Micellar water, I need a new one!


  3. Love the B.Pure Micellar Water - worked well for me & Superdrug often have it on sale for £3.99.
    The Shmmer Brick is pretty & reminds me of a Me Me Me one I have which was more expensive but looks identical.
    Great post x

    1. Haha i blame you for the micellar water - you put me onto it from your blog so thanks! xx


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