19 August 2013

Trends | Matching Lips and Nails

This was purely by accident. I painted my nails my new Barry M shade of Pomegranate, then I popped on one of my new lippys from Revlon, Ultimate Suede range in Trendsetter, and then I looked at myself and OH! Look at me my lips are matching my nails... And I loved the affect.

The most colourful part of my make up is always my lips and nails, so really it should just make sense that it matches. My eyes usually stay a fairly neautral colour, with some black liner somewhere, so really my lips need to be that little bit different. This shade from Revlon is a gorgeous raspberry pink, the right mix of red and pink in a matte, suede finish. Long lasting and oh so incredibly gorgeous. Team that with Pomegranate, from Barry M's oh so durable Gelly range and voila. You have yourself a perfect match.

This is quite a nifty little trend, and one I will defintely be trying again - and on purpose this time! 

Do you match your nails and lips?



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