7 January 2014

The Review | Nivea In Shower Moisturiser

I was so excited by the idea of this. I am the laziest moisturiser in the entire world. I literally just tend to ignore it and my poor body suffers. So when I saw this I knew I had to snap it up - an in shower moisturiser? Yes please!

This basically works like conditioner, but for your body. You do your usual wash (hello S&G Sugar Crush) and shaving routine. Then, slather (yes, slather) this all over your body. It feels like a moisturiser and smells like your usual Nivea cream, so I think my brain was a bit confused at first. Anywho, pop it on all over, extra on your driest points if needed. Then leave for a couple of minutes (like conditioner). Then rinse off.

My skin is instantly silky smooth. Soft to the touch and healthy looking for days. This time of year is a killer for dry skin so if you are lazy like me I would highly recommend this. I have managed to perfect the art of lazy moisturising I think and will pop a post up about this soon for sure, but for now this is my top go to. Cheap, cheerful and perfect. Nivea is always my go to for most moisturising needs anyway as I think they are a no brainer. They work every time, simple and yet overlooked I feel.

You can pick this up in the usual stores for shower essentials, I grabbed mine from Boots for £2.37 here. This is the 250ml version but you can get a 400ml version as well here for £3.40.

What's your lazy moisture routine?
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  1. I was exactly the same - far too forgetful (and lazy!) to moisturise after a shower so definitely agree that this product is perfect!

    1. it just seems like such a pain! this is such a good product. Have had to repurchase as well opps! x

  2. Ooo will have to give this a try! Especially as heating and things are starting to dry out my skin.

    1. This is the dry skin version as well so it's amazing :) I would definitely recommend cause my skin goes all dry and horrible in this weather
      L x


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