11 January 2014

The Review | Benefit Mini Fragrances

For Christmas I was very kindly gifted a set of four Benefit fragrances. I've always found these bottles gorgeous, and with most Benefit goodies branded to perfection. I was incredibly excited to try all of these out and add them to my collection.

Laugh with Me Lee Lee
This is described as a woody floral scent, a blend of citrus, jasmin and lily blossoms. This is a very spring scent to me. Very light, very fun fragrance. I love the packaging on this one. Again it's very spring like and fun. Also it's blue which can never be wrong in my opinion!

My Place or Yours Gina
A very seductive fragrance, this is very woody oriental fragrance with a touch of spice. A blend of pepper, raspberry and patchouli. For me this is definitely one for a very special kind of date night. The packaging reflects this, it just reminds me of passion.

Ring My Bella
A fruity floral scent, filled with lillies, daisy, jasmine, peonie and rose petals. This is a very flirty fragrance, one for a first day of a bit of fun with the boyf. The packaging looks fun, flirty (again) and a touch romantic. Purple always makes me think of romance for some reason.

Under My Spell Noelle
Described as an exotic and glamorous woody floral. Their Christmas offering, with notes of black pepper, cardamom, orchid, jasmine petals and raspberries. The packaging is very glam and very Christmassy. Gold and gorgeous!

Overall I love this set. It's so cute and to be honest I like the smaller fragrances anyway - I never use up an entire bottle! The only think I don't like is that they don't have a spray, you have to really dab it on to get any out. My favourite I think has to be Noelle, I don't know if it's because I'm still in that Christmas frame of mind, but I love this scent and packaging and I've been reaching for it most days.

I haven't seen this set in shops since Christmas, but you can still get it online here direct from Benefit.

What's your favourite fragrance from Benefit?



  1. I think small fragrances are great too - you get to try a few new scents. These sound lovely & the packaging like al Benefit products is so cute

    1. Same! So easy to just pop in the bag and go! Love Benefit packaging :) x

  2. These little bottles are SO CUTE! :)
    I've never actually tried any Benefit fragrances so I'd love to try these out!


    1. Would definitely recommend! Have a spritz next time your at a counter! x

  3. I always walk past these and wonder which one would suit me. I end up spritzing them all and getting confused which one's which! Benefit are one of my favourite beauty brands! x

    1. Haha I'm like that with all perfumes, its a wonder i wear any!! If it helps my favourites are Noelle and Bella :) xx

  4. I've always eyed up these pretty little bottles, think I'm definitely going to have to purchase one!
    sophie from sophie-ellie.blogspot.com xx

    1. I definitely would :) have a spritz next time your in! I think they are about £29.50 or something like that each full size :) x


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