23 January 2014

The Comparison | L'Oreal SuperLiner v Soap & Glory SuperCat

So it's not secret that I love eyeliners. Without it I feel a bit naked! For most of 2013 I was using L'Oreal SuperLiner, however I've discovered something new that I feel like I'm loving just as much so thought I would do a comparison between the two - mainly so I can figure out with is my fave and give you guys a bit of guidance. I've recently done a "How To" on how to do winged eyeliner so this comparison is paired with that. 

So lets start with where the liner comes from. With L'Oreal SuperLiner it has a little pot that's part of the product itself. For me this is amazing as I usually use liner with shadow so you can easily top up your liner on the nib but putting it back into the pot. Supercat from Soap & Glory is like a felt marker, the liner comes from the barrel itself. Having said that I have found it's not as bad as other nibs when it comes to fading with shadow. So far it's doing a very good job of staying a lovely glossy black.

The nib is so important. If you can't use a liner properly it's usually because the nib or applicator itself just isn't suited to you. For me that is brushes (shudder). SuperLiner is long and thin with a very fine tip. It's quite flexible so it does have the potential to wander if you don't have complete control. However if you are a beginner it's perfect as it is a fine liner. Supercat has a very thick base and then goes up to a fine line. Not as fine as SuperLiner so it does create a thicker line. It is a lot sturdier so definitely easier to control.

Longevity wise is again so important. So many liners end up on the top of my eyelids and it's just annoying. I'm happy to say neither of these do that. SuperLiner is long lasting, however it does tend to fade by the time I get home from work. SuperCat is actually amazing. It's even Zumba proof and that's after being on all day. It stays very glossy and very black.

Overall I'm very confused! I feel like I should stay loyal to my SuperLiner as it is a very good friend. However SuperCat has just pipped it to the post for me at the moment. After I've gotten used to using an entire pen as opposed to just a lid with a nib on it it's the perfect liner.

You can get both from your local Boots, Soap & Glory SuperCat for £6.00 here and L'Oreal SuperLiner for £7.99 here.

What's your favourite eyeliner? Have you tried either of these?

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