6 January 2014

The How To | Winged Eyeliner

It took me a little while (um, years) to perfect this and now I wear it every single day. I don't feel like me when I don't have my eyeliner on! I think it is just a very classic look, you can go from day to night with it and it's never "too much"... Judging on how much you put on of course.
I've tried different types of liners over the years to try and get it right, pencil, pen, liquid, gel etc you name it I've probably tried it! But my favourite, and general go to, has to be the L'Oreal SuperLiner. It has the nib of a felt tip, is fine and incredibly precise. Unlike the felt tip markers you can reuse this over eyeshadow as it has a tiny little pot to reapply the liquid onto the nib.

Step One
I usually pop a nude/natural eyeshadow on first. I've found this is the best way to ensure it lasts all day. Eye primers really don't work for me. This is Brule from Mac.

Step Two
Next, I get as close to the inside corner of the eye as I possibly can with the thinnest tip of the liner. I hold the outside corner with the other hand to hold my eyelid tight and smooth.  I draw the outside line across the lid, preferably in one smooth movement, and then flick. You will get better at the flick with practice, trust me!

Step Three
Colour in your liner. Coat the tip with liner and fill in the inside of the line you've made and the flick as well.
I go over this a couple of times, so it really depends on how dark you want it.

Step Four
I use a pencil to draw on my waterline. My pencil of choice for years has been a little Chanel number, I've never found anything better. I also use this to try and draw up to the flick to join the waterline with the eyelid.

Step Five
Using the liquid liner again I just tidy up the corner flick.

Trust me, with practice this gets a lot easier. I wear this line every single day and I couldn't be without it now, I feel a bit bear to be honest if it isnt there!

The products I've used to create this are: Mac Brule Eyeshadow, L'Oreal Superliner in Black and Chanel Intense Eyepencil in Noir.
How do you create your perfect liner look?


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