18 January 2014

The Mani | Nails Inc Bling It On

As you can see I got a bit funky and fun with come glitter the other day. I got this set in my stocking for Christmas, it's a Nails Inc set called "Bling it On". It comes with Baker Street which is this absolutely GORGEOUS cobalt blue. You also get a little pot of glitter, brush and tray to use (not pictured).

So the idea is this - you pour your glitter into said tray, then paint one nail. Whilst wet roll your nail is said glitter until fully coated. Pat with your finger to ensure it stays on and let it dry. I decided to go for a more low key look and just do the feature nail like this. 

It was very messy - even with the tray, glitter was literally everywhere. For the hour afterwards everything I touched had at least one little spec left on it so it's worth remembering if you want to try this out. 

If you don't want to pay out for Nails Inc then I can see how easy this could be to do on a budget. Literally all you need is some glitter and a little tray to pop it in. Head down to your craft store and voila. It's such an easy nail art trend.

These are actually in the sale on Beauty Bay at the moment, reduced from £18 to £10.80, you can get my one here. I definitely want to get a couple more of these kits, especially the feather one here

I'd love to see if you give it a go with your own bits and pieces. Just pop it on my twitter for me!

Also - I need to say a HUGE happy birthday to my bestie Amber. She's as old as me today (mwaha) and I love her to pieces so I hope she has an amazing day. Happy Birthday Mambie!!

How would you wear your bling?


  1. That sparkly nail varnish is absolutely incredible! WANT!

    Happy Birthday to your best friend! Hope you have a lovely day celebrating!

    Clementine x


  2. I love the blue & the addition of a sparkly accent nail makes it look even more cute


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