20 January 2014

The Review | Collection Deluxe Lipsticks

It's those little products that you never think to try when you go awandering in Boots. However you see things reviewed on blogs you trust and then uh oh, there they are in your bag. This is what happened with these two. I'm very picky about lipsticks usually but I fell in love with these colours. 

Collection is an underdog brand, known for its Lasting Perfection range, loved by many. I think this is going to be another one like that. The Deluxe lipsticks are lovely little products. There are five shades, these two being the best of the bunch I believe. Tallulah, a gorgeous baby pink and Prohibition a deep berry red. 

They aren't the longest lasting in the world, but they are very pretty and very comfortable to wear. I really do love both. Tallulah probably gets more wear because its more of an everyday shade, but Prohition is perfect for going out in the evenings. Like I said, don't expect it to last for hours on end because they don't. You do get what you pay for with these, but they are just such pretty lipsticks I couldn't resist.

You can get these from Boots here for £3.99 each and Superdrug here for the same price.

Have you tried these? What bargain lipsticks would you recommend?


  1. I love the darker shade, may check these out next time I'm in Boots

  2. People keep posting Prohibition and it makes me want it all the more. They both suit your skin tone so well! :)

    Kerry x

  3. Both shades are super pretty. I am hoping my local Superdrug has a few shades in stock, I really want to try them


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