23 June 2020

Lush Pregnancy Products - My Recommendations

My name is Lisa, and I am a Lush addict. Get me Lush products for any occasion and I am a happy girl. Most of the products I've tried, I have loved, and you can't have a bath without a bath bomb or bubble bar from the brand. So when I got pregnant, I was keen to figure out what products would be ideal and help in certain pregnancy situations.

14 May 2020

Nursery Planning & Inspiration

Image from Mamas and Papas

One thing I was always so excited to do when we found out we were expecting was to plan and sort out the nursery. It was something I was determined to have done by the time baby came, and it would be a functional yet cute space. I also wanted it to be something that could last a little while, and suit either gender as we don't know what we're having. But where did I start?

11 May 2020


Being pregnant, and growing a huge bump and pair of boobs, shouldn't mean that you lose your style. It's always something I thought about and would look at many maternity sites, options and Instagrammers to see how they were dressing and what my options would be. And although for a lot of the first half of my pregnancy I lived in leggings, I was determined to keep my usual Spring style for the second half.


7 May 2020

Pregnant in a Pandemic - How I'm Feeling

When you first start trying to get pregnant or see the little blue lines on a test, you envision your pregnancy and what it'll be like. Will you feel ill, how big will you get, what will your maternity wardrobe look like, who will plan your shower etc. I don't think anyone ever imagines they'd be spending a large chunk of it stuck at home, isolated from their friends and family. But that's where we currently stand.


4 May 2020

How to: Combat and Manage your Dark Circles

When I asked my friends what sort of content they'd like to see over May Madness, I had quite a few requests to talk about how to cover up dark circles. It's not a huge surprise seeing as they have young babies and toddlers! It's something I've also struggled with lately (thank you uncomfortable sleepless nights), so I decided it was time to pop on my testing and research hat and find the best ways to combat these dark circles and share my own tips and experiences.


23 April 2020

Keeping my Hair Healthy in Lockdown

A major first world problem I'm seeing mentioned over and over again on my socials is the inability to go and get our hair done. Don't get me wrong - I am 100% in the same boat. However, I wanted to share a haircare range I've been obsessed with lately and that's made the distance between me and my hairdresser that little bit easier.

8 April 2020

The Fertility Journey: My IVF Experience

IVF is a scary word - especially when you start trying to have a family. It becomes that worst-case scenario word that everyone is scared to talk about. It's not something you ever want to have to go through, or would wish on anyone. With that being said - it really wasn't that bad. 


1 April 2020

The Fertility Journey: My Experience with Ovulation Induction

When you think of fertility treatment your mind generally goes straight to IVF, as mine did. You don't really hear about anything else. However, there are lots of different things that can do now. I've heard of someone simply being put on a pill to regulate their cycle and poof, pregnant. For us - our first port of call was Ovulation Induction. 


30 March 2020

The Fertility Journey: Becoming Two People

Talking about our fertility struggles isn't something that's always come easily, and even know there are moments from this journey that I find really hard to talk about and express. But I also think it's so important to share it. There are so many people out there going through similar struggles, yet no one knows. And as part of the loneliest time in your life, I feel it's important to shout about it make sure others don't feel as isolated in their struggle as we did with ours.


7 January 2020

2020 Reading Challenge - My Friend Anna by Rachel DeLoache Williams

I've decided I don't like resolutions for a new year, I much prefer the term goals. Might just be me being super picky, but I always associate resolutions with promises you make to yourself that (9/10) never actually happen. Whereas goals you can set up as targets, with deadlines and actions. They're trackable. And one of my goals for 2020 was to read 10 new books...
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