30 September 2019


Welcome to another week's worth of wallpapers! This collection definitely took me longer to do - but I played around more with colours, fonts and styles and I hope you love it! I decided this week's theme should be all-around fitness, helping motivate you either to get started, go and do some exercise or push you through a hard workout.

I came back from my holiday with a two-week break from a proper workout and found it quite difficult to get back into it and really push through some of the workouts. Especially without my lovely PT by my side anymore. So these quotes are all very relevant to me right now - and I hope they help you too.

Don't forget to follow me on Instagram to save them directly to your phone, and as well as the 10 you see here, I upload a couple cheeky extras onto my Pinterest as well.

As last time, Feel free to save and use these on your phone, or as quotes on your socials - but please be sure to tag me if you do!

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The weeks theme: Fitness
For the design of these I wanted to try and make the whole collection around being strong, and yet still feminine. So you should see strong bold fonts and colours, mixed with more feminine handwritten fonts and graphics. So many people say strong women can't be feminine - I disagree, and wanted this collection to embrace that same feeling. Let me know what you think!


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