17 September 2019


Get ready for a few Florida themed posts coming your way! I will try and spread them out with other content as much as possible, but I apologise in advance! I wanted to start with probably the easiest and quickest to put together out of all of them - my style diary from the trip. I have filmed them as well in a What I Wore style, so check that out as well - but for those who prefer it in written form...

When choosing outfits I made sure to keep a close eye on the weather, but also stalked many Pinterest and Instagram accounts and hashtags to see what others wore. I also put together a Pinterest board to help me work out what I had, and what I still needed. Overall, I was really pleased with pretty much all my day outfits - they looked great, were comfortable and were functional (for the most part). 

For our first full day we headed in for early access and went straight to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I knew we'd be walking around a lot and it was due to be hooooot, so I chose to wear my red spotty bermuda shorts from Zara teamed with my white Levi's tshirt. Both are super lightweight so heat wasn't too much of an issue. The shorts are also long enough to protect my thighs from chaffing so was a big thumbs up from me. I decided on tshirts where possible to protect my shoulders from burning. I also teamed this (and all outfits) with my white leather Converse, which were super comfy for all the walking.

Probably my favourite outfit of the whole trip, I'm 100% completely in love with it and I loved how it looked in photos with my Disney ears. Again, I wanted a short style outfit to protect my thighs, and went with this ditsy floral playsuit from Topshop. It's just so cute and screams Disney with it's little puff sleeves and ruffles. It was very comfy throughout the day, and the open back and wrap top helped keep me as cool as possible in the heat. The shorts weren't quite long enough to protect chaffing thighs, but it all ended up being okay so wasn't an issue. Teamed again with my Converseblack New Look belt and of course - classic Disney ears.

On Day 1 I picked up a new tshirt, so why wouldn't I wear it the next time we headed back to the Universal parks? I've always loved Jurassic Park - no idea why as I couldn't tell you anything about dinosaurs - so I knew I wanted a T-shirt from Universal as soon as I saw it. It's super soft, however it's a little thicker than my Levi's so I was a bit sweltering in there after a couple hours. I teamed it with a pair of girlfriend denim shorts from Jack Wills - again not quite long enough to stop chaffing but it was fine! It was a very cool looking outfit, made for a Universal park visit and I did love it. However - the denim with a thicker tshirt was a little like a sauna after a while.

It looked like it was going to be a bit cloudier that day, but my god was it hot. I started the day by throwing on this striped playsuit from H&M, and then put a plain black tshirt over the top, cinching it in with my New Look belt. After about 3 hours the tshirt was off and I was in just the playsuit. It was a very humid day! I thought this looked really cute and cool - it wasn't my favourite of the trip, mainly because I got so hot but also the shorts didn't stop chaffing in the slightest because the join for the playsuit shorts was at the bottom... But you live and learn! I also picked up a new pair of Disney ears, new park - new ears!

One of my favourite days and one of my favourite outfits! I've worn this a few times before, and you would have seen it in my French Riviera style diary too, but it's such a winner. I wore my black daisy print Zara dress, with my black New Look belt and Converse, and it was a really great outfit for the day. I did however pop some anti-chaffing thigh bands from New Look on as well though to protect the chunky things and honestly, best purchase ever. It was a really sticky day again, and this dress was perfect and it's super light material but also a loose fit so I didn't get too hot and clammy. Again, new park - new ears!

Last full day - so we went back and redid anything we wanted in both Universal parks. It was a sticky day, but not as bad as others thankfully. I wore my new grey Minnie Mouse Disney tank for the day (I know, Universal but there ya go) tucked into my black denim shorts from New Look and I flipped loved it. It gave a very Disney rock vibe overall I feel. It was also really comfortable for the day - the shirt is oversized for me, so light and airy, and the shorts are just super comfortable so even though they're denim they worked well for this. Again - teamed with the Converse!

If you're heading over then I hope this helped! My top tips for planning outfits would be:
  • Keep an eye on the weather so you know what to take
  • Create a Pinterest board and save any ideas in there
  • Make a list of what you already have and what you need - emphasis on the need. 
  • Take anti-chaffing bands, you'll thank me later.
What would you wear?

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