14 October 2013

Wishlist | Top 5 Next Jumpers

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At the moment I am really really impressed with Next and their gorgeous range of jumpers. I've bought quite a few recently, preferring them to others on the high street and definitely preferring the price tag to some other stores!

I do actually have this jumper, and it got quite the reaction on Instagram when I popped a pic up. It's so fun, I love the colours and the pattern and it's toasty toasty warm. My Mum actually bought this for me, it's the perfect present and comes in greys as well.

I've never really been into red's before, but lately I can't seem to stay away. Look at me I'm growing past blues. Anywho, this is perfect for a slightly warmer autumn day as it doesn't look too thick. It's a cute pattern though and a great price.

I just love lace. So anything with a lace pattern or effect, overlay etc etc is a buy in for me. This is just a really super cute neatral sweater that would literally go with everything, and with most occasions. Jeans for everyday and a little skater skirt for the evening. 

I just love the colours in this jumper, again it sways away from my usual blues and greys to a gorgeous purple with really sweat sparkly hearts all over. I sense a theme with hearts for me at the moment... At this price as well you really can't go wrong.

Look how CUTE! Adam has very nicely bought this for me for Christmas so it's now hidden away (sob) but I just love how different this is for a Christmas jumper, and that it can be worn whenever as it's not overly Christmas. It was instant love!

There is such a huge variety, including some basics as well. I would definitely recommend popping down and looking around.

What's your favourite out of these?



  1. I do really like jumpers lately, I seem to be building up quite the collection.

    1. same! I seem to have an overflowing addiction!! x

  2. Love the rabbit one!! Me want it :)

  3. I am a big jumper wearer during the colder months & am loving your picks. The rabbit one is sooooo cute!


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