2 October 2013

Outfit | Put a Red Dress On

jumper: h&m | dress: topshop | necklace: topshop | bracelet: links | nails: essie mint candy apple

There is always that one dress, that even when it doesn't quite work anymore, you find a way. This is that dress. When I say it doesn't work I mean the zip is broken. It does up to the waist and then will NOT budge. So I threw a jumper over the top and voila - works! No one needs to know... Except all of you obviously.

One of my favourite autumn/winter trends is throwing on a jumper over a dress or skirt. It's one way to bring some of your summery items into the colder months and still stay warm and chic. Also, I am determined to not settle back into my jeans and jumper uniform. I do have some new jeans that i LOVE so I will wear them, but I'm trying to not rely on them so much.

I recently bought Essie Mint Candy Apple - it's been a long time coming - and to be honest it hasn't left my nails since. It's such a cute shade, not very autumny but I still love it.

What's your favourite autumn/winter trend?


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