25 October 2013

Life | Halloween Party Essentials

Halloween is just around the corner, I swear it comes quicker every year (or maybe that’s just me getting older). Hopefully by this time next year I will have moved out into a place of my own and I’ve always said when I move out I want to hold my own Halloween party! So what would I do... Well let's take a look. I've been researching some of the things I would really like to do - so here we go!

Let's face it... It wouldn't be a Lisa party if there wasn't any alcohol, and cocktails I love. Halloween cocktails are such a fab idea and I cannot wait to try loads of them out, definitely going to be a night "not" to remember I'm sure. Whilst browsing some cocktail ideas I came across this list of the top 10 Halloween cocktails, I personally really want to try The Spicy Vampire. I’ve been loving the Vampire Diaries lately so anything vampire has me currently hooked! Cranberry juice is my usually juice of choice with spirits so it’s definitely a winner for me. One thing I really want when I move out is a cocktail shaker and glasses so this would be the occasion to show them off!

To go with all of this alcohol you need some nibbles and I love the idea of these Ginger Halloween cupcakes from the Primrose Bakery. I'm not a huge fan of ginger except in cakes so these would be perfect! My Mum is always making little cupcakes with either black or green icing and I just think they are a really fun way of catering for a party. I remember seeing an episode of the Big Bang Theory as well where Raj was catering and came up with ideas like “Draculoni and Cheese”. I may have to watch this again for more foodie ideas!

Pop around some Halloween decorations (check out Asda for £1 accessories) and you have yourself a party! Don’t forget to decorate the front of the house – this is what trick or treater’s go for (apart from the sweets). Our house is always ridiculously Halloweeny, so I should probably follow suit!

What would you drink at your Halloween party?


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  1. I love cocktails! I may have to experiment with some this Halloween! Also Halloween cupcakes sound awesome. I was thinking vodka jelly shots with spiders in... Maybe sweetie spiders :D


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