8 October 2013

Make Up | Mac Adored

First of all let's just take a second to swoon over how pretty this is. Swooooon. Probably the main reason I got it as I'm still not really sure what it is meant to be. Blusher, powder, highlighter? Who knows... What I do know is what I use it for and I love it for that.
It's described by Mac as a velvet soft powder, ideal for highlighting. Which luckily is exactly what I've been using it as. I pop this on with my buffing brush lightly on my face as a powder, so it's not too shimmery, and then with a blush brush on the apples of my cheeks for more of a highlight on top of my blush. It's really buildable so you can see the difference and it's also such a pretty colour.

Adored is described as a coral with a light pearl beige running through it - which you can see. To be honest I don't see a lot of colour on my face apart from the shimmery pearl, which I do love, so if you want this as a blusher you need to look elsewhere - you won't get a colour pay off here.

For £22 it's not too bad. To be honest you expect to pay a bit more for Mac more for the brand then the product. What I will say is I have little confidence in the packaging - I've only had it a couple of weeks and already it's threatening to come out of the pan and the lid is looking a touch flimsy. Otherwise it is a truly gorgeous product. 

What's your prettiest product in the pan?


1 comment

  1. I am still swooning - this is so pretty!
    I love Mac MSF & need to invest in a few more.


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