17 October 2013

Make Up | Mac Ruby Woo

For a while I've been coveting this lipstick. Just the idea of the perfect matte red has been nagging at me but as I don't have a Mac near me I didn't really want to fork out £15 if I didn't like it... However, I got the chance to swatch it at Paige's and ever since it's been a must!
It's now part of Mac's new Retro Matte collection - not entierly sure what the difference is between that and their normal Matte collection but hey - and when I bought this I also bought Relentlessly Red (review to come).
Firstly, the colour is gorgeous. My favourite red to date and it is now my go to red. The right balance of blues and yellows, not to orange, not too dark. It is the perfect red for me. Gush galore I know!
However, there is one thing I'm not too keen on. Application is a bit tricky, where the bullet is matte it's a lot harder so doesn't apply nearly as smoothly as some of the other finishes and I find that I really have to concentrate to make sure this gets an even finish and line - I do have to use a lip liner with this one (Mac Cherry usually works for me when blended).

Longevity it's great - as long as you don't eat or drink straight afterwards - it really does last about five hours plus. It leaves a stain behind so the colour is still there, not quite as intense, but still noticable.
Out of this and Relentlessly Red I would say that Relentlessly Red was a lot easier to apply - so keep an eye out for that review as it's a gorgeous colour (weirdly enough not a red...)

Overall I am really glad I bagged this beauty. Worth the £15 and the wait for me, I would highly recommend this coveted lippy!

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