28 October 2013

Make Up | Mac Relentlessly Red

Okay so maybe I need to go to Mac anonymous... Maybe. So, as promised a few days ago here is my review on Relentlessly Red. Part of Mac's new Retro Matte collection I bought this with the coveted Ruby Woo (review here).

Relentlessly Red is, surprisingly, not red. Yeah, weird I know. It's a very bright - almost neon - pink and it is breathtakingly gorgeous. It's very blue toned - which is probably the only resembalance it has to red but hey, who cares about the name when it looks like this?!

I found this a LOT easier to apply than Ruby Woo, it was slightly creamier so smoothed on without too much hassle and I didn't have to concentrate as much on making sure it was all even. I've had so many compliments about this it's insane. 

Lasting power is actually amazing on this, it even rivals Revlon's ColorStay Suede lipsticks (review here). It lasts all day at work, (my test for any new make up) so I'm thoroughly impressed. I definitely want to try some more from the Retro Matte collection if they are as good as this - we shall have to see what the birthday brings!!

What's your choice from the Retro Matte Collection?

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