19 October 2013

Trends | The Bowler Hat

I fallen so much in love with a particular accessory I feel the need to write an entire post about it...
Ladies and gentlemen (if any of them actually read this) let me introduce you to my new partner in crime, the Bowler Hat.
I know I know, totally not me. You never really see me in hats at all - basically because I hate hiding my hair as I feel it makes me look like my brothers. However, after seeing this on a few bloggers now I jumped in the deep end and bought this beauty from Topshop. At £25 it's not the cheapest of hats, but well worth the price.
It sits PERFECTLY on the back of my head, still showing my hair so I look like me and not a boy, and it goes with pretty much everything I own. Is there a downside? Um, the only one I can think of is I can't really wear it with my hair up, but that is about it.
If you are teetering on the edge of buying one, just pop into a store and try one (they pretty much all do one now). I've seen some nice ones in River Island, Accessorize and of course this beaut from Topshop. If you like it, buy it, keep the label on and wear it around the house for the day. Give yourself a day to try it out. If you don't like it, no harm no foul, take it back.
It sounds really bizarre, but I feel so much more confident in this little hat. It's weird how certain things will give you a boost! This is definitely one of them. My first "outfit post" with this the photos of my face came out so much nicer than others I've done because I was happy in the hat. I know, I'm a weirdo, but it really did work. I'm not usually one for messing around in photos etc but hey. If you can't fool around in a bowler hat what can you fool around in?
Now I must go and rescue it from my boyfriend who seems to have an obsession with stealing it... excuse me!
What do you think of the bowler hat? Will you be wearing it this season?

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  1. I've had a similar one from topshop for about two years and its one of only two hats I've found that I actually wear. Hats usually look awful on me!


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